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How to make yourself exercise?

I find it very hard to exercise just for the sake of it. I kind of need another purpose than getting healthy to keep it up. If I look at my life I can see that when I was the most “in shape” it was because I was forced to exercise. I’ll explain…

First when I was a college student I did not have a car so I HAD to walk to school, to the shopping center, to friends place and everywhere. I was living in a little town with no transport services except for taxis which was not in my budget.

Second when I went backpacking I worked on farms. So when I was  learning a new job I didn’t realise that I was exercising (except for when my body ached at night for the first 2 weeks) because I was focused on the new directions and trying to become good at it. I was walking all day in banana field or bending down, stretching up and walking while pruning Mandarins. It was great being outside in the fresh air too.

So I don’t know about everybody else but for myself, I will enjoy taking a walk much more if I have somewhere to go. I will also train myself harder if it’s for my work. I would not say “oh my god! 5 more minutes! I’m going to die!”, I would just do it without thinking.

Selling your car or just leaving it at home when you can would benefit you. Finding yourself a farm job might not be a good money solution but you wouldn’t have to pay for the gym.

Joke apart my point is, for some people (like me) it is very hard to find the motivation to exercise when we don’t have too and it seems so easy when there is no choice to make.

So I think I will just start a “dog walker” business to keep myself fit…


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4 thoughts on “How to make yourself exercise?

  1. I can relate! My motivation has to come out of “dressing up”, in other words, I like to dance, so in order to exercise via dancing, I dig out my belly dance hip scarves and make a spectacle of myself. I have to feel like a queen and then I’ll exercise. Exercise has to be a grand event for me! We all have to find our reasons and stick to them. It’s never easy.

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