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20 reasons to cut sugar out

Well about 6 months ago I had to give up milk product. Life without milk was hard at first because I used to enjoy a latté from our Gaggia machine every morning. It took me a month to get use to it when I finally found the right replacement ( organic Natur-a unsweetened soy milk).

I never realised before that cow milk was so sweet but when you change to soy you can really tell the difference! I needed 2 tsp. of sugar now instead of 1! I know it’s a lot. Recently I have cut it back to 1 tsp. only, I’ll get use to it and I will cut some more out.

Here is a great blog with an interesting post about the effect of sugar on health and 20 more reasons to cut sugar out as much as possible: Effects of Sugar on our Health « L-Jay Health.


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11 thoughts on “20 reasons to cut sugar out

  1. It’s not enough to cut out sugar itself, most starchy foods are laden with complex carbohydrates which are quickly broken down as sugars creating a massive sugar spike. The enzyme amalayze is produced in the mouth and pancreas to do this. In fact eating a pound of potatoe chips is not much different than eating a pound of sugar.
    The Atkins diet and the Paleolithic diets are the two most appropriate diets for a human. You can get enough complex carbohydrates from leafy vegetables and low starch vegetables to meet your bodies needs. Breads,grains, and rice and the like should be avoided.

  2. I havent drunk milk in three years. I drink only soymilk and almond milk. I feel great. Great post

    • Thanks L-Jay Health, it was inspired by your post! I use soy milk mainly because I find it nice hot and cold. I like almond milk as well but only cold,I even made my own once but I reckon it has an aweful taste in coffee 🙂

  3. A teaspoon of sugar and a dash of milk in your coffee won’t kill you on the retail end of it but id be watching the fries,rice and bread on the wholesale end!

  4. Don’t swet a couple of beers and a few teaspoons of sugar in your coffee, it’s the plate full of pasta,rice, or fries that really do the harm!

    • Well thanks for posting. I guess for me it’s one little step at the time and somehow I don’t think I am ready to give up all of these things at once because I wouldn’t last. I want to make changes and get new habits that I can keep up for life.

  5. Awesome Post! I have reduced my sugar intake to <15 grams/day and it has made a WORLD of difference in my overall well-being AND my waist line 🙂

  6. Sharon H on said:

    It’s interesting to see how many products contain sugar when you start reading labels! I’ve been using coconut milk and unless I get the flavored kind it’s also not sweet. Usually fruit provides the sweetness I need, but I also add Truvia or Splenda.

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