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Is self control the key to get and stay healthy?

Like I said in my previous post I don’t like to exercise too much so it’s hard for me to keep at it. Another thing about me is that I love food! I love pastries and I often have craving for sweet things. I used to work as a chef in restaurant so even if I decide not to buy any biscuit, I can just decide to make some because I love to bake too!

So I guess the only way to help myself is to learn…


…to learn some kind of self-control and maybe stop watching the food channelLaughing out loud. I definitely see my chef background as a great tool to help me cook and plan healthy meals. I surely have a lack of motivation in life and this is why I feel the need to prepare more for this journey, the one that should get my health, weight, energy, self-confidence back on track.

Because there has been other attempt to it, I will gather information that can help me and tools that I can use to make this journey the good one. I will also have a good look at myself (not the body part of me). I need to know myself better so I can use my strengths and deal with my weaknesses.

The hardest bit will be the long-term commitment and I know it is the same for most. For my part I do have strong emotions and it kind of rule my life and mood sometimes which doesn’t help.

So I have 2 questions for the ones who acquired self-control: How did you managed it? What are your tips to keep control over yourself and reach your goals. Hopefully I will be able to answer those questions myself one daySmile


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4 thoughts on “Is self control the key to get and stay healthy?

  1. great post. I agree to stay away from the food channel. Also people need to understand that you are what you eat and that portion control is the key. I look forward to reading more of your post!

  2. You only need self-control if you are removing things – adding things is easier 🙂

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