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Wii Fit Review

What I like about it:

  • It weights me
  • It tells me how many calories I’ve burned
  • It tells me how long I’ve worked out
  • It has a lot of different exercises to pick from
  • There is fun exercises
  • There is yoga
  • I can pick a little program to focus on something particular
  • I can make my own program
  • Gives me a calendar to stamp every day that I exercise
  • Show my progress on a graphic
  • Let me pick a goal
  • My daughter can play as well
  • Can set my profile with age, weight and height
  • You can enter exercises that you have done elsewhere
  • You can play as a family by switching user after exercise
  • For working out or for fun


What I don’t like about it:

  • It talks to much
  • It gives you your supposed age according to their silly test
  • It wants to weight you everyday
  • You cannot go quickly from one exercise to another
  • There is only 2 directed step exercises (it’s my favourite)
  • When my daughter plays and still does good for a 4 years old the Wii shows her avatar very sad and beat up so makes her feel like trying her best is not good
  • Not always encouraging
  • If you skip a day it nags you
  • There is not that many intense exercises

Overall I am happy to own a Wii fit and would recommend it to anyone, especially if they have children.


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3 thoughts on “Wii Fit Review

  1. sweetopiagirl on said:

    Reblogged this on inspiredweightloss.

  2. I have ordered the Wii Fit Plus yesterday and I am really looking forward to checking my mail. 😉

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