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My Fitness Pal or Calorie count?

I had a weird day yesterday trying out those tools and giving a go at counting calories. I am very new to this.

For lunch I had a small burritos with a cucumber and avocado salad just with lemon juice and salt. The combination was delicious but…

I was not aware of the calories in an avocado!!! For me it was just a healthy vegetable (it still is but at a price). I guess I will learn on time.

I did my exercise on the Wii Fit  and increased my goal  since I was not quite dead as I finished. I am not planning on killing myself but counting calories might do it anyway Laughing out loud.

Well I am far to be an expert on any of those tracking tools  but I will certainly share my opinion anyway.Smile with tongue out

Both tools seems to be able to do the same things like recording your weight and progress, you can make recipes, track your food, water and exercise. Calorie Count asked me for my body type and I have big bones so I think it is then more accurate because it makes a difference on the weight and having a realistic healthy goal. I have tried Calorie count and I found it very complicated! I was creating recipes and  it took me forever to work it out.  With MyFitnesPal  I was  there for about 15 minutes and I made a recipe, entered my food and exercise easily. I find MyFitnessPal  so much clearer and simple! The pal also do the maths and includes the calories burned to your daily goal so if you exercised you might have a little more calories to spear!

I know I am not very technical but I will definitely go with the Pal  to help me control what I eat and help me keep motivated to reach my goal.


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2 thoughts on “My Fitness Pal or Calorie count?

  1. I have tried too many tracker programs and sites to list and by far the simplest and most user friendly has to be MyFitnessPal. For me, it has the largest and ever growing databases of foods. The smartphone is also a huge help and works offline. That comes in especially handy when traveling.

    Good luck with your journey.

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