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Creation of a goal page

One day when I was reading Janet’s blog which is called Some Frozen Cookies,( actually I have some yummy ones in the freezer and I am pretty good at not eating them) I saw her goal page and I have been wanting to do the same for a while. What I like about it is the rewards that comes with the mini goals. So here is what mine is going to look like once I set it up. I will add things as they come and probably change it as well but it something to look forward to.

I started November 25 at 208 pounds I have 14 pounds lost by now. Read more…

What does the scale have to say?

Usually I weigh myself everyday and I don’t worry too much about the ups and downs of it. But with 3 days not exercising and 2 days over indulging at Christmas time I will admit that I was a little worried about what my Wii balance board would show me. Read more…

Post-Christmas damage

Well I had a beautiful Christmas with my family. I have been baking cookies and other yumminess for a month and had heaps of different treats for husband and daughter. When you get Oooh! and Aaaah! at the moment you get the platter on the table you know you have done a great job! My daughter loved the look of everything but went straight for the chocolate covered strawberries and stock with her choice all the way loll. You can probably imagine how exited she got after ! It was so much fun to see her.

I treated myself as much as I wanted at Christmas eve and Christmas day too. I enjoyed the food and the fun. I ate as if I was never going to eat that food until next Christmas! Which is about right. loll Read more…

Does exercise help to lose weight or NOT?

Yesterday it was the first day since November 25 that I didn’t exercise. My back was sore and I didn’t have much time. No I wasn’t proud of myself but it wasn’t the end of the world either. So because I baked and tried a few things I was expecting a gain this morning before getting on the scale. So to my surprise it went down from 1.5 pounds! I don’t know what to think anymore, when I am being careful and I do my exercise sometimes it goes up and after a day like yesterday it goes down?!?

I do exercise to lose weight AND to gain health but I thought it was kind of weird so I did a little research and found a very interesting post about exercise and weight loss.

Does exercise help to lose weight or not? What did you experience on your journey? What do you think about the post I linked to?

Tasting, licking and sampling

Yesterday I did a lot of last minute backing because I wanted Husband and Daughter to all have their special treat. Something I know they will really like. So I made some tiramisu macarons, Chocolate macarons, raspberries macarons and a citrus cheesecake. A lot of backing but also a lot of licking the spoon and tasting the broken ones etc. Read more…

Pre-Christmas decision

Today was a nice productive day preparing stuff for Christmas. I am now at 13 pounds lost! Not bad for a girl who was trying to gain 1 pound a week.

Like every year, the week before Christmas I get all these yummy food ideas that I want to make. The problem is that this year I am trying to lose weight. I have decided that for Christmas eve and for the Christmas Day dinner I am just not going to worry about the calories and eat everything I want. I will make sure I eat plenty of vegetable as well and try to listen to my body telling me it’s full. It’s Christmas only once a year and I don’t want to be looking at my family eating, I want to eat we them and enjoy it as much as them. Read more…

Watch out for Distractions!

This is so ridiculous that I had to write it down here. Don’t ask me where my mind was when I have set my goals on MyFitnessPal but somehow I have clicked on”gain one pound per week” instead of “lose on pound per week”!

I should have gained weight by now but for some  reason I was always keeping myself under my calorie goal. I was not hungry so it felt alright. So I just wanted to check how much calories I would need if I wanted to lose 1 1/2 pounds a week so I went in “goals” to try. I just laughed so much when I found out. The funniest part is that I have lost 12 pounds anyway! Can you believe that there is only 40 calories less on my goal  from gaining 1 pound to losing 1 pound? I tough this was very weird.

That is pretty much me, always distracted and thinking about something else while doing other thing. LOL

Are you bored with your work out?

When I started working out my daughter use to do it along with me every day. Now she doesn’t feel like doing all of it anymore, she is only 4 years old and just think it gets boring. She still does the yoga poses with me sometimes and does some more of her favourite exercise after I am done. She usually likes the run because there is always a kitten running with her. The other day when she was done a run, a new path unlocked and another one after. She has done them all and was very happy because while running you can see dogs, chicken etc. After the run there is a quiz to find out how observant you were while running on the island. The new items made the exercise a lot of fun which kept her interested. Read more…

Tempting temptation

It was Husband’s work Christmas party for children this afternoon. We got there early at the start and nothing was ready but it’s ok because I like to help. I got two tables ready for gingerbread man decorating. There was Smarties, jujubes, jellybeans. I had to transfer the 4 coloured icing into little Ziploc bags for easy squeezing out for kids. Got plates ready and of course a lot of paper towels.

I was doing fine, I had a proper meal before we left and I am not a big fan of candy anyway. There was pizzas, trays of sandwiches, raw vegetables, cakes and…BROWNIES! I was ok at first, I was not very hungry and was too busy helping my daughter to decorate her gingerbread. Read more…

Blog those pounds away!

My life changed since I have started this blog. At my first post I was ready to make changes in my life but I did not know how to proceed and what to change exactly. I read heaps and heaps of great blogs and discovered so many inspiring story! It’s incredible how many people have changed their life completely and somehow I feel blessed to benefit from their experience.

Read more…

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