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It is always annoying when starting a new diet . I mean at first I struggle, don’t know what to eat so I eat the same thing all the time. I also think about it constantly  because I try to figure out a way to make it easier on me.Once I get the hold of it, it gets better and I can make up some menus and recipes.

So even if I am new to calorie counting I managed to stay under my calorie goal today! Thanks to the work out! So I got rid of a little 200 cal. on the Wii this morning.  I was burned after. I included the expert boxing on my routine and I found it really intense but I am a beginner of course so everybody wouldn’t feel the same way. Anyway I was kind of proud of myself…

So when me and daughter went shopping. I was trying to make good healthy choices for food and I saw these little frozen meals.Devil The price was reduced at 3$ so I tough It would be silly not to try it. I bought two: one had 280 cal. and the other had  330 cal. I picked Asian style stir-fry on rice. I had the chicken and pineapple one for dinner and I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted very good but I have to say that I didn’t eat much today and I was starving. Probably because I did not have any snacks today I was still hungry after so I had a cup of home-made carrot cream soup(with no cream in itCrying face) and some fruit too.

Anyway I think on a normal day I would have been satisfied with one of those “Healthy choice gourmet steamer” and it is a nice and easy meal when you don’t feel like cooking and want to eat right away. I would not eat them everyday because I like to make my own food. Once in a while it gives a little break and an easy way out of the calorie counting. Smile

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4 thoughts on “Easy way out

  1. Hi there, I am actually contemplating *only a little* about buying a wii myself, since I am having difficulties fitting the gym into my daily routine. I used to go early in the mornings before going to work but have come to a point where I discovered that going so early changes my entire life. Getting to bed early in order to get out of bed early – cancelled meeting with friends, because it ‘too late’. No energy to go to the weekly Red Cross meeting because I am just tired and rather want to go to bed than meet with friends. I am still working on finding a better solution. If I get a wii, maybe we can compare results. 🙂
    It’s great that you have decided to change things. Keep it up. 😉

    • Thank you for the encouragement Janet! Oh my god I cannot imagine getting up earlier when it is still dark here and head to the gym…You have a lot of motivation! It would be great to compare result on the Wii! The wii Fit probably doesn’t equal a gym session but for me it is ok. There is other game with more intense work out that you can buy for it. Since my daughter likes to do it beside me on a chopping board, it keeps me encouraged.

      • I actually have a PS3 and the game ‘Active 2’, unfortunately you can’t just choose a certain workout but must always complete the same routine. It’s only a 22 minute program but that 20 something minutes are a real killer. I guess while contemplating the wii, I should start the ps3 workout for the time being….
        Keep it up. 😉

      • We always contenplate ourselves doing good with something we don’t have ;-)There is a game I am going to buy soon, it’s called “get fit with Mel B.” Not that I care about her but all the reviews I read says it’s a great fitness game. They did it first for ps3 using the camera to see if you are doing the moves properly. There is heaps of different exercises to choose from and you can make your routine or get one to focus on something. Since you already have the console it might be a better choice. I am just starting to work out so once I am use to it I will get something more intense.

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