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I want more energy

Just a quick update to this post. After I posted it I started cleaning the house, there was so much sunlight coming through the windows it was great. Ironically I found myself full of energy like I haven’t been in weeks. Is it the work out, less food or the sunlight?

Here is the post I wrote :

I have never had much energy to spare compare to most people I know. I always got tired before everyone else in my family.

When we use to go sliding in winter, I would go twice and then give up because I was just out of breath. I didn’t know back then but I probably always had a bit of asthma following me. I rarely take my “puffer” in our days but this morning, I don’t know why but I forgot to start my work out with yoga. During the step session I was not very focused and kind of tired too. So during the boxing session I started to get sore back and being short of breath then I realised that I skipped the yoga.

Could  3 little pose of yoga ,probably not even executed properly, make such a difference? I know it probably act as a warming session because it stretches my back really good and makes me focus on breathing as well. But I didn’t think it could help for asthma and energy.

One thing I know is that I want more energy! Apparently exercise helps but for now it only makes me tired. I would like to know how long it will take before it makes me a more energetic person. I can already hear someone saying…Time…all these things takes time.Steaming mad

Anyway I have been doing alright for about 5 days and it’s such a short period of time compare to most of the stories I have read. I am not very good at finishing project so it is going to be a loooooooong journey! Counting calories seems to work however it definitely cuts the inspiration in the kitchen!


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6 thoughts on “I want more energy

  1. Hey, thanks for your post. I really sympathize with you, I had asthma since childhood, trying various inhalers but never really solving the problem, just making it bearable. When I started doing intensive pranayama my teacher in India said this might cure my asthma. Honestly, I thought he was just talking bullsh… – but after two years of practising Kapalbhati I am completely cured. It’s amazing and you can actually look up how it works (it teachers your lungs to relax consciously). Good luck and all the best!


    • Andrea thanks for the nice words. What you are saying is amazing! I suppose that Kapalbhati has something to do with yoga and I am sure that many people would like to know more about that.

      • You’re right, it’s a pranayama, yogic breathing exercise, where you expel air forcefully from the lungs with the exhale through the nose (“pumpings”), there’s videos on youtube if you don’t have a teacher nearby. It’s important that the exhale happens forcefully while the inhale just happens naturally without any “active” inhalation. It’s technically not even a pranayama but a cleansing and purification exercise (kriya) from a yogic point of view. It’s meant to cleanse your respiratory tract. Enjoy!

      • Thank you for this information! I really apreciate that. Actually I had a look at the link through your blog, witch is great by the way and I saw that indian guy doing it. To be honest I laughed a little;-) and I tought it must be one of those things that looks simple but are in fact very complicated. Since you’ve done a course about it, do you think what someone can learn from a video would still be beneficial? Also because it’s hard to tell scam from truth on the web and you happen to be an expert : could the same exercise help with obesity? I mean while eating normally:-)

      • Well, it would be of course better to have a teacher instructing and correcting you, at least at the beginning. I’m not sure where you live, but you could check out the list of Sivananda centres on their website (, they’re all over the world and that type of breathing exercise is part of all their classes. If not, there’s courses particularly geared towards learning pranayama techniques which might be beneficial for you as well. However, I don’t think all that will have an impact on body weight… Good luck!

      • Thanks for helping I will check out that site!

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