Towards Healthy Life

One little thing at the time

Life’s little pleasures

One thing I wanted to change in my journey towards health was to relearn how to appreciate the little pleasures that life brings to me. It can be anything from watching Husband and daughter play together, a warm cup of tea, reaching a little goal or wrapping presents when everyone is sleeping.

It so easy to overlook those little moments when we are busy or in the same routine everyday. Forgetting to enjoy all these little things means less happiness in our life because it’s essentially what it is made of. A few big moments and millions of small treasures!

So letting a lot of delicious food go for this past week and learning to appreciate alternatives is kind of hard on me but it is slowly taking my focus on something else than food. It’s crazy what can happen in a weekSmile

So now when I treat myself of one of those low-calorie gingerbread man I made, I really enjoy it and take the time to taste it properly. Life is not just about food but is still a part of it, the food part is not just as big as it use to be.

Talking about life’s little pleasure what about a hot Chai tea topped with froth soy milk! I just had one and the house is now filled with wonderful spice aroma…


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2 thoughts on “Life’s little pleasures

  1. Ja, you are so right, one tends to forget what is importand while trying hard to achieve a certain goal. This path will be the right path for you to walk on, I am sure of it. I shall implement what you just remembered me of. Keep it up and thanks. 😉

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