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Can water make such a difference?

Well when I started counting calories and working out I started to lose weight right away at a regular pace. Being overwhelmed by all that new stuff I forgot to drink my 8 glass of water for a few days.

I just stopped losing weight! For 3 days I was wondering what the $#%?@ was going on? Am I doing everything  right? Then I realised that I did not drink all the water  I was supposed to. Then I started drinking it again and I started losing weight again. I was just amazed by what just happened. I really didn’t thing drinking water was such an important part of it.

I realise that I will probably experience period that my weight will just stay the same or even increase a little but the water for me is really working!

So yesterday and today I am back in the 100’s at 199 pounds!

I was not very focused on my work out today because it’s my daughter’s birthday and all I wanted to do was to play with her and make her happy. I would have skipped it but I don’t want to miss a single day. Knowing myself, once I break the habit I will lose it as fast as it started.

A challenge for me:  I really have to find a work out short and efficient that I can do on my own, anywhere without any special tools. I know eventually we will go somewhere for a week-end or holiday and if I don’t have that I will just go back to my old self.

So I need a plan for that kind of situation. Another thing, I don’t have an iPhone so unless husband let me use his work phone for MyFitnessPal I will be in big trouble…

What do you do to prevent your holiday to wreck all your effort?


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3 thoughts on “Can water make such a difference?

  1. Well, you are right, there will always be times when your weight won’t just move in the right direction. In June I plateaued for almost four month. That was really tough for me. You start questioning whether what you are doing makes any sense at all. My body actually adjusted to the ‘usual’ amount of calories and decided that it was sufficiant to remain on the weight I was at that point. I pushed in a week of ‘normal’ food and when I started again, suddenly my weight started coming off again. Weird. anyway, I prevent the holidays from wrecking my efforts by just ignoring the holidays and going on as usual. Of course I will enjoy some x-mas food with my family next weekend but I will get back to my

  2. usual food choices right afterwards. I am sure that will be fine. 😉

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