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How to lose 5 pounds in 1 hour

Well if you are looking for the miracle trick this is not it! What is it about then? Just something weird I experienced this morning after my work out. Let me explain…

…well yesterday and today my weight went up a little. Of course it doesn’t make me happy but I don’t get myself discouraged by this one thing. I am a kind of person who needs short goal to keep motivated and it’s why I weigh myself everyday instead of once a week. Doing that I am aware that my weight might go up and down so it’s ok with me.

So before my work out I weigh myself on the Wii balance board and then I do the exercise like usually. When I am done, I decide to do one more exercise and when asked to step back on the board it tells me to change the batteries. I  put new batteries in, step back on the board and am told that my weight is a “little” different than last time.

Since I am a very curious person and  also think “oh, maybe I lost weight doing my exercises” Smile with tongue out I just decide to weigh myself again…just to know…

So it’s when it happens, I lost about 5 pounds from before and after the work outOpen-mouthed smile

I am just laughing. Wow so does it mean that  last week , the batteries were too weak and all my statistics are false? I guess it’s good to know. Never trust electronics! I will just have to see tomorrow if it is all crazy again.

The moral of the story…Is there a moral? Well maybe our weight is only a superficial statistic to help keeping up the good work. What really counts is feeling better, knowing that you made the right choice for your health and happiness. I start to feel the change in my mind and body and this is way more important than a lost number of pounds. This is true but..I still like to see the pounds going downWinking smile


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6 thoughts on “How to lose 5 pounds in 1 hour

  1. Tickateeboo on said:

    Yeah Wii boards can be a bit naff sometimes. I once lost 3 pounds in the space of 2 minutes which I found impressive. I use conventional scales now! 🙂

  2. I try to step on the same spot on my scale at home, and on the one at the doctor’s office. If I step right in the middle of mine, I can be up to 1.5 pounds heavier than on the back corner. I don’t really trust the absolute number, but I have grown to trust the differential from day to day. But yes – it really does boil down to how you feel & not what the number is, because the numbers (batteries, heavy spots, wavy floors, etc.) will eventually make you crazy if you let them.

  3. Ha, not having a wii makes me envious now….I want that too, the psychological effect must be great. Hey there, I just lost 5 lbs!! Even though it might not be for real, it will still make you smile. 😉
    I once lost 10 lbs in one night but that was after a heavy fever, so don’t try that at home.

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