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How many bags of potatoes are you carrying?

I used to work in restaurants and had to lift huge bags of potatoes to make fries. Oh my god it was so heavy and it was kept in the basement so I had to walk up the stairs with the bag in my arms. I remember that each step was hard but as I got near the top it got more difficult.

Would I choose to carry that 50 pounds bag all day long? Of course not! But yet I am carrying 64 pounds instead ! In a way, letting myself be overweight is agreeing to carry the extra weight. I would never take the potatoes for walk or a swim or even shopping or on a trip! But I bring the extra weight everywhere!

So it may seem like a crazy post but I use this image as a motivation on my journey to a healthier person( I needed it this morning because I did not lose a gram). I cannot imagine how much more energy I would get not carrying all these pounds with me all the time.  I guess when I reach my goal I won’t feel light as a feather because it won’t happen over night but I hope my energy and  general well-being  will improve. Let’s see…and let’s not forget to enjoy the journey as well !


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4 thoughts on “How many bags of potatoes are you carrying?

  1. I love this post! I was just thinking earlier this evening as I carried my 21 lb. Daughter how heavy she was getting, yet I carry 4 of her on me all day every day.

  2. So true and I guess it is a good motivator. After some time you might wanne reframe that picture. I am happy that I can actually say that I lost 120 packages of butter so far. 😉 Less potato bags for me….yet there is still plenty where that came from…

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