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A beautiful day to bike on the island

Well when I first got up I weighted myself and it was higher than yesterday. I didn’t care because it was way lower than last week. A good news always cheer you up right? It felt good that all the changes I have made are showing up on the scale and on my body as well.

I can’t see a difference in my clothes yet but my body feels better. There are exercises that use to be more difficult and even hurt. Now it gets easier and easier.  I still don’t feel like exercising but once I am started I am fine with it. When the work out is half way through I start to like it which is very unusual coming from me.

I still use the Wii fit, it turned out to be a good investment since we’ve had for about 3 years. I enjoy boxing and wish there was more of it, I like the feeling of hitting something !

I recently discovered the Wii biking even if it was there all along. You have to walk on the balance board while holding the remote horizontally to steer the pretend bike. So  you are looking for those flags everywhere on the island. If you do like me and you forget one at the top of the hill, it will become  a real work out because you have to walk faster for the bike to go up. It so much fun to pretend that you are on a tropical island ( wish it was true)and you can unlock new courses when you do it a few time.

What a beautiful day I had!


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4 thoughts on “A beautiful day to bike on the island

  1. Don’t you hate the days when the scale is being mean? 🙂 Keep up the great work, and I’m right there along with you! Eyes on the prize!

  2. Keep up the great work! About 10 years ago I made the commitment to lose weight, get fit and be healthy. I lost 60 pounds and have kept it off ever since. At 42, I am the fittest I have ever been. You recently read my post about my son losing 65 pounds so far. At 19, it takes a lot of discipline and will power, and he has done an excellent job. If we can do it, you can do it too. I believe everyone thinks it’s difficult for them, but just stay focused and don’t beat yourself up if you have any setbacks. (Especially through the holidays. My son and I “plan” for a few treats at Christmas knowing that we just need to get back on track the next day.) I’ll be checking in to see how you are doing. Once again, keep up the great work!

    • Oh yes! Your post was so inspiring but I didn’t know you went through that as well. It is so motivating to read about success stories like yours and you son’s. Thanks for visiting and cheer me up!

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