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Tempting temptation

It was Husband’s work Christmas party for children this afternoon. We got there early at the start and nothing was ready but it’s ok because I like to help. I got two tables ready for gingerbread man decorating. There was Smarties, jujubes, jellybeans. I had to transfer the 4 coloured icing into little Ziploc bags for easy squeezing out for kids. Got plates ready and of course a lot of paper towels.

I was doing fine, I had a proper meal before we left and I am not a big fan of candy anyway. There was pizzas, trays of sandwiches, raw vegetables, cakes and…BROWNIES! I was ok at first, I was not very hungry and was too busy helping my daughter to decorate her gingerbread.

Every now and then I was going to the food table to have a look and grab some sugar snap to nibble on. I played a lot with all the children! It was so much fun, the party was in recreation center so we had heaps of balls, hula hoops, tunnels etc. to play with. I must have burned a few calories then.

After a few hours I  guess I was getting hungry without realising it so I went again around the food and just grabbed a brownie and ate it without even thinking. Oh my! I did not plan for this but it’s too late now. I resisted as long as I could. I will definitely have to work on the whole resistance thing. It’s easy when I just stay at home but I just found out that as soon as I get out of here I am vulnerable to anything. Oh well…I better get off the couch and do some Wii boxing.LOL


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8 thoughts on “Tempting temptation

  1. Body Polish on said:

    I’m totally the opposite! I’m fine in public but in the confines of my own home I’m horrible. Since no one likes what I like and I can’t tell a bunch of men they can’t have snacks there is huge temptation in my house.

    • I guess we have everybody has different weakness. I keep heaps of stuff that I cannot eat at home( for the rest of my family) and somehow I am in control of myself because I also have healthy options.

  2. Good for you for not beating yourself up about the brownie, and especially for not saying “oh well” and grabbing a bunch more junk food. In the long run, one brownie won’t hurt, and an extra match or two of boxing can help burn it off. 🙂
    A trick I do (and people make fun of me, but I get over it), is to bring things I can eat and not feel bad about. A veggie tray if it’s a potluck, or my own apple or popcorn or baked chips… cuz I like to eat in situations like that, but I don’t like to feel guilty about it.
    That being said, we had our bowling potluck last night – and I didn’t even try to avoid the white chocolate, pretzel and m&m mixture. I love that stuff. But I balanced it out with a lot of broccoli and carrots. lol

  3. fun post! its ok to have a cheat once in a while. its better that you’re aware than not!

  4. When I have a cheat I try to remember all the good things I did that day that counteract the cheat. Otherwise it’s a downward spiral and I just want to keep cheating, and cheating and cheating. I know it’s so hard being out and about. If I could stay at work all day long I would be a stick by now. But way to go for only having one brownie the entire night!

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