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Are you bored with your work out?

When I started working out my daughter use to do it along with me every day. Now she doesn’t feel like doing all of it anymore, she is only 4 years old and just think it gets boring. She still does the yoga poses with me sometimes and does some more of her favourite exercise after I am done. She usually likes the run because there is always a kitten running with her. The other day when she was done a run, a new path unlocked and another one after. She has done them all and was very happy because while running you can see dogs, chicken etc. After the run there is a quiz to find out how observant you were while running on the island. The new items made the exercise a lot of fun which kept her interested.

My point here is that even tough I am not a kid anymore I can lose interest pretty quick. I wish the Wii Fit would have more levels for every exercise. I know that if I could be Mario Bros, doing all the jumping and walking for real I would be happier to get on there because of all the new challenges. I really need to find another fitness game soon. I was looking at “get fit with Mel B” the other day and it seems to have a lot of variations and different exercises and routine you can build too. Maybe with a few good fitness game I would just have to alternate between them and would be fine.

For the ones who work out at home what equipment or games do you like? What keeps you from getting bored with your work out?

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14 thoughts on “Are you bored with your work out?

  1. I know what you mean about getting bored, I run a treadmill (infinitely worse to me than outside). Listening to a new playlist with new artists has helped me to continue being entertained while running. I also used to do wii fit and weights at home and even though they would get boring sometimes the games in fit or various different exercises would help keep it interesting. It also can help to look at it through a different lens. Either way you will finish the day and will it feel better to work out or not work out regardless of how boring? Good luck!

  2. mrsalexzan on said:

    I just got a Kinect with fitness evolved 2012, its mostly fun, but I get a little discouraged because my lack of eye hand coordination causes me to loose points. Just gotta practice more!

  3. I used to do the wii fit exercises but lost interest after a few months. I agree with the comment re: updating the play list – it’s helped me 🙂 my favorite exercise is walking because I enjoy being outdoors. The most helpful motivator for me is runkeeper – it tracks & measures your exercise activity. It’s great to have a visual record of your work outs – would definitely reccomend it 🙂

    • Yeah I like to walk to but it’s winter(I still do some winter sports but not everyday) here and will surely go more outside when spring comes back but I will look into that runkeeper thing. Thanks for commenting:-)

  4. I have a Wii Fit Plus (if you don’t have Plus, get it — it is much better). I do enjoy Wii Fit and I plan to set up another Wii after Christmas in my workout room with the balance board and then I can use it up there. I also have two other games .. one is one of Jillian’s and I don’t remember the other. I haven’t used them yet. I plan to incorporate Wii Fit back into my workout — I especially want to see the impact of it when I use my recumbent bike on the bike ride and when I use my treadmill to run. I would also recommend a good boxing game — whew can that shit wear you out!

    As I said, I have a fitness room in the house and I do a lot of different things. I have a bike and treadmill for cardio plus I will run up and down the stairs in my two-story house, which is a work out. I do crunchers, push ups, and air squats on different days and I have a Fitness Ball to add to the work. I also have a full set of dumbells and I use them to do concentrated curls, overhead extensions, and one-arm rows for my upper body strength.

    Idea for your daughter, turn your house into a exercise park. Put together different sections where she has to run in place, crawl on the ground, take the stairs, and then stop at specific points to do sit ups, push ups, jumping jacks, burbees, squats, stretching, etc.

    • Thanks for the tips! I was just looking at a boxing game for the wii yesterday.It looked like fun! I don’t have place to set an exercise room in here but I can certainly alternate games. I don’t want to push my daughter and make her feel like she HAS to exercise, I want it to come from her because she enjoys it so I like your exercise course idea!

  5. I always look forward to exercising when I have a new song/playlist to listen to. Winter time is the worst cuz I’m stuck inside. I run, so to be able to go outside, or take different routes is always helpful. If I have to stay in, I switch it up – going between the treadmill and elliptical. Splitting the time usually helps time go by. I find interval training helps time go faster as well. (Fast paced for three minutes, slower paced for one minute, etc…). My biggest motivation though—-keeping the weight off. Never do I want to go back to where I was, since as you know, it’s not easy to get it off, so when I get bored and think about quitting my workout, I remember how far I’ve come, and how good it makes me feel to get in a good workout.

    • I am not at quiting yet cause I don’t want to ruins the effort I have done so far (even if it is not that much) but I just want to prevent the quitting thing before it gets to me and try to make working out fun! I will find something soon :-). Thanks for sharing your tips! 🙂

  6. The stats hooked me at first – I liked the game aspect. However I am like you – after a while I got sort of bored.

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