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Watch out for Distractions!

This is so ridiculous that I had to write it down here. Don’t ask me where my mind was when I have set my goals on MyFitnessPal but somehow I have clicked on”gain one pound per week” instead of “lose on pound per week”!

I should have gained weight by now but for some  reason I was always keeping myself under my calorie goal. I was not hungry so it felt alright. So I just wanted to check how much calories I would need if I wanted to lose 1 1/2 pounds a week so I went in “goals” to try. I just laughed so much when I found out. The funniest part is that I have lost 12 pounds anyway! Can you believe that there is only 40 calories less on my goal  from gaining 1 pound to losing 1 pound? I tough this was very weird.

That is pretty much me, always distracted and thinking about something else while doing other thing. LOL


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2 thoughts on “Watch out for Distractions!

  1. mrsalexzan on said:

    How funny! Good thing you are listening to what your body needs! Once I thought the “net” calories were how many I had left! Whoops!

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