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Pre-Christmas decision

Today was a nice productive day preparing stuff for Christmas. I am now at 13 pounds lost! Not bad for a girl who was trying to gain 1 pound a week.

Like every year, the week before Christmas I get all these yummy food ideas that I want to make. The problem is that this year I am trying to lose weight. I have decided that for Christmas eve and for the Christmas Day dinner I am just not going to worry about the calories and eat everything I want. I will make sure I eat plenty of vegetable as well and try to listen to my body telling me it’s full. It’s Christmas only once a year and I don’t want to be looking at my family eating, I want to eat we them and enjoy it as much as them.

It’s alright, I know that I will probably put up a few pounds but I know that we are not going to celebrate new year, I mean in a food way. Both our family live really far from us (or it’s us that live far from them) so we don’t have to go to dozens of dinner party and family gatherings. If I would still live back home I would be in trouble for sure.

I hope every one of you will have a good time through the holidays, there will be food everywhere so enjoy yourself reasonably and then get back to it! No seriously I hope you get plenty of love and fun with friends and family because it’s the most important part of it right?

Merry Christmas to all of you and thanks for reading



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2 thoughts on “Pre-Christmas decision

  1. Congrats! And at the toughest time of year!

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