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Does exercise help to lose weight or NOT?

Yesterday it was the first day since November 25 that I didn’t exercise. My back was sore and I didn’t have much time. No I wasn’t proud of myself but it wasn’t the end of the world either. So because I baked and tried a few things I was expecting a gain this morning before getting on the scale. So to my surprise it went down from 1.5 pounds! I don’t know what to think anymore, when I am being careful and I do my exercise sometimes it goes up and after a day like yesterday it goes down?!?

I do exercise to lose weight AND to gain health but I thought it was kind of weird so I did a little research and found a very interesting post about exercise and weight loss.

Does exercise help to lose weight or not? What did you experience on your journey? What do you think about the post I linked to?


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17 thoughts on “Does exercise help to lose weight or NOT?

  1. It’s funny how that works. I once was out from my martial art training for a few weeks, back when I tweaked my neck. I put on a few pounds but I think that was due to the fact that I literally ate everything in my path. Other times, when I catch a cold and I’m out for a week or so, I have been very disciplined with the eating and just ended up maintaining my original weight. Great post and enjoy your time with the family:))

  2. Exercise has definitely *helped* me lose weight, even if counting calories and monitoring levels of fat/carbs/protein are the more direct cause. I saw that blog post when it came out, and did have a good laugh about not exercising ever again.

    The biggest lesson I’ve learned from all of this is that as much as we want this to be calories in/calories out, exercise for X minutes = Y results, measurable and predictable, it really isn’t. On days when I can count on myself to measure all food (and prepare it myself, so I really know what’s in it), it may be OK to simply count calories and balance nutrients. On other days, I may need to lean on exercise to help me maintain a calorie deficit.

    On most days, however, in order be strong enough to stay focused on my long-term goals & resist french fries and cupcakes, I need the endorphin boost that I used to get with food to come from exercise instead. I need to see myself as an athlete and fit person, and to draw strength from that. That may not mean that exercising is causing the weight loss, but it certainly is a huge part of it, even if scientists can’t measure it in a special tank or with rats.

    Having said ALL of that, I do think you can exercise too hard while restricting calories too severely and not lose weight because your body is holding on tight. And, I think that especially when people are starting out, they may not be able to handle both a radical diet change and going from zero to 60 on the exercise front, so it helps to focus on one or the other for a bit.

    WOW, is that the longest “it depends” you’ve ever slogged through?

    • Maybe that’s it my body needs time to adjust! I did think about stoping the work out, lol ,but just for 2 second. I agree with you, I need the endorphines to keep me happy on this long journey and my body needs to move to prevent rust. 🙂 I think when I work out my body is switching in hungry mode so I just have to watch for that. Have fun during the holidays!

  3. Yea, if you don’t do something about your eating habits, working out alone will not have a big impact. If they tracked their calories and set it a an set amount, not to go over, added the work out, and stayed at those calories, they would lose weight. Lowering the calorie intake off average and working out will increase the loss.

    • You are right the biggest part to lose weight is the healthy eating. Exercise if you don’t eat more than you burn benefit your overall health. I think that when MyFitnessPal give me extra calories to eat because I have burned some during the work out, it might not be such a good thing after all. Merry Christmas!

  4. it’s like 80/20 food/exercise. It’s way easier to not eat the large big mac meal than it is to burn it off.

  5. What was your water intake like that day? Maybe because you didn’t work out, you drank less water and that’s why you were down a few pounds…?
    I think exercise is really important in maintaining health, even if it isn’t exercise for weight loss. However, I’ve definitely had those days where I lost pounds when I didn’t exercise, or weeks where this was the case too. lol

  6. I wanted to comment on this earlier, but with all the busy-ness of the season, I got distracted. From my experience (10 years of maintaining a 60 pound weight loss), you won’t notice a weight gain/loss right away. What you see on the scale could be from a few days ago – or a result of water weight, especially in women. But here are a few things I have learned: 1. Exercise is necessary in order to lose weight, and the best type of exercise is interval cardio training and muscle toning. By interval cardio training, I mean pushing yourself for a minute or two, then slow down for a minute, then push yourself again. Raising and lowering your heartrate is crucial when trying to lose weight. As well, having muscle actually increases your calorie burn while you are at rest. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn while just sitting there. 🙂
    2.Your body gets used to exercise – so keep it guessing. I used to run 4 miles a day, 5-6 days a week. As I got older this got very difficult to keep up. So I began running only 2-3 days a week, and used the elliptical instead – and I actually lost some weight and noticed an improvement in my muscle tone. So it’s shown me that although I felt like I needed to run and exercise hard to lose weight, what I really needed to do was let my body recuperate from the running. Does that make sense? It’s the recuperation process that burns the calories – your body is working to repair the muscles that you have used during your exercise.
    So this is my long-winded answer to your question. Yes, you need to exercise to lose weight, but keep in mind that you need to let your muscles repair themselves, so don’t do the same type of exercise everyday.

    • Interval training is a very good tip that I was not aware of. Your comment makes perfect sense to me and all of that is good to hear. I just had a exercise-dance game for Christmas and I will now alternate with the wii fit plus so that I am not bored and now that I know, to let my muscles repair themselves. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  7. Hi, and thanks for visiting my site, and this is a good discussion. I too exercise regularly and think it’s not only important re weight but also body health in general. I agree with the person above who noted the odd variations in weight gain/loss when you’re on a diet and exercising. I’ve gone up when I think I shouldn’t and down…also when I think I shouldn’t. In the meantime, the body is doing it’s own thing!

  8. Yeah even if we think we understand how it works, sometimes it feels like our body has a mind of its own lol

  9. After years of reading enough books to become a nutritionalist, measuring food so precise that I feel like a chemist, complicated equations to measure caloric output, body buggs, pedometers, juice diets, raw food diets, vegan diets, workout plans to rival the business plans for most organizations, protien shakes, Nutrisystem, personal trainers that made more money than I did, I have come to very important conclusion.

    I have to burn more than I eat on a consistant basis.

    I enjoyed the article you linked – it seemed to support that as well.

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