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Tasting, licking and sampling

Yesterday I did a lot of last minute backing because I wanted Husband and Daughter to all have their special treat. Something I know they will really like. So I made some tiramisu macarons, Chocolate macarons, raspberries macarons and a citrus cheesecake. A lot of backing but also a lot of licking the spoon and tasting the broken ones etc.

I had to try just to see if it was good because a lot of it didn’t have recipes, it was more of an improvisation kind of thing. However I should admit that I overdid it a little. After, I had that weird taste in my mouth for a long time and I suspect it was coming from the excess of sugar. Since I have cut a lot of sugar out of my diet I did not see any difference but maybe my body is used to it now and it doesn’t appreciate me trying these sweet mixtures too much.

All of that is not to good for me except for the part where I actually listened to my body telling me too much sugar came in! Today will be more food preparation but on the salty side this time. I want to keep some time for my daughter because yesterday between the shopping with too much people everywhere (It was crazy in town) and the backing, too little time was left for her. If the weather is not too warm I want to get on the skating rink with her. Some exercise and fresh air before the Christmas feed will do us good.


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2 thoughts on “Tasting, licking and sampling

  1. Body Polish on said:

    Aren’t our bodies amazing? They know what’s best for us even when we don’t. Have fun at the skating rink!

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