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Post-Christmas damage

Well I had a beautiful Christmas with my family. I have been baking cookies and other yumminess for a month and had heaps of different treats for husband and daughter. When you get Oooh! and Aaaah! at the moment you get the platter on the table you know you have done a great job! My daughter loved the look of everything but went straight for the chocolate covered strawberries and stock with her choice all the way loll. You can probably imagine how exited she got after ! It was so much fun to see her.

I treated myself as much as I wanted at Christmas eve and Christmas day too. I enjoyed the food and the fun. I ate as if I was never going to eat that food until next Christmas! Which is about right. loll

Now I am not going to lie, today on boxing day it was very difficult not to have any pastry when my daughter and husband were having some. I resisted as I know that it is harder because my body is kind of hooked on sugar again. Hopefully all of the pastries will disappear quickly and out of my thoughts for good.

Today I went back to my normal calorie counting and exercise routine. The exercise felt good and were easier to do than I expected. I think my body needed a break from it. Going back to a calorie limited diet feels harder now than it was when I started the whole thing but I will stick to it anyway because I really want those pounds off. I did not step on the scale yet but we will see the result of over-indulging Thursday with no regrets whatever the scale shows.


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10 thoughts on “Post-Christmas damage

  1. You sound like you have had a similar time over Xmas to me. I love that you have no regrets. If we regret two days, then we are not allowing ourselves to live at all. But we know we can go back to it, without giving up altogether. Well done and good luck with your journey.

    • Yeah exactly we have to live the journey and be able to have a break sometimes. I enjoyed all the food that I wanted for 2 days and it was hard to go without the cookies today but I did it. It should be easier in a few days…lol

  2. Well done! We all deserve a break, and a time to enjoy good food, especially when we’ve made it ourselves! Congratulations on getting back on track so quickly!! That is my aim for today and onward. You’re an inspiration- Merry Christmas!

  3. It’s very true that you don’t want to deprive yourself over the holidays. Part of the fun is baking and eating the treats you only have once a year. The advice I gave my son was to just be mindful of everything he ate. That way he would appreciate the taste of the food and not just nibble mindlessly – which usually leads to eating more than you realize. I don’t believe he felt deprived, and once again, I’m very proud of how quickly he got back on track. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been through this process myself so I know how hard it is, but hang in there – cuz it definitely gets easier – and you’ll find you will start to crave the exercise and healthier foods, and the treats will be just that – a nice treat. You’re doing an awesome job. Keep it up!! 🙂

    • Thank you for cheering! The 26 dec. was kind of harder but today 28 dec. is just like it was before Christmas and I am not thinking about those cookies in the freezer all the time anymore lol. It is such an encouragement to hear about your son and you because you did it!

  4. I agree, great job! It is important to make the decision of what your goal is (for example have 2 days off and go back to your plan) with no regrets. Beating yourself up is such a waste of time. I LOVE your attitude. It is the difference between a true lifestyle change and “dieting.”

    • Thank you! I had a great time indulging but now I am back to it and I don’t feel so much on a diet because counting calories I don’t have restriction on what I can eat as long as I stay within my goal 🙂

  5. We need a break every now and then, wether that be from exercising or reduced diet plans. You did well getting back into routine after the x-mas days. 😉
    I think you are doing great. Just kep it up.

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