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What does the scale have to say?

Usually I weigh myself everyday and I don’t worry too much about the ups and downs of it. But with 3 days not exercising and 2 days over indulging at Christmas time I will admit that I was a little worried about what my Wii balance board would show me.

So this morning I got on it and was pleasantly surprised to see that I still lost a pound from last week. YES YES YES. So I am at 194 pounds now for whatever it means. I am still waiting to see the real weight loss and the result on my general health. When I will feel a loose in my pants just then will I believe what the scale is telling me. Until then it’s a number that makes me happy but it is still just a number.

I was way lower on Dec. 23 but It’s why I like to write it down on my blog only once a week even if I step on the scale more often. That way I can see a real progress. So far I have lost 14 pounds and it feels good but sometimes I would like things to go faster. For me who do better with short goals it is a real challenge to be patient and work my way down slowly. I was thinking of lowering my calorie goal so that I would lose 1 1/2 pound instead of only 1.  I am still unsure about that as I don’t want my journey to be too hard because it has to last and be enjoyable. I will give myself another month at this goal and see if I am ready to lower the calories a little more. Until then I have a few questions for you guys.

What is your goal per week?

Do you set yourself mini goals or you just aim for the ultimate weight goal at the end of your weight loss journey?


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17 thoughts on “What does the scale have to say?

  1. My goal since 14 Nov has been 2 lbs per week. So far I have stayed on track.

  2. I was like you.. very impatient and just wanted to lose it quick. Once I reached my goal, I would be “good” all week, then totally splurge on the weekend. So much so that I would need to re-lose again each week. It took me a long time to realize that if I just had a little extra treat occasionally, I wouldn’t have to “diet” again each week. That is when it became very easy to maintain my weight, and why I have been able to keep it off all these years even though I still love to eat and bake, etc.
    My son was able to lose 2 pounds a week or so, but I was careful to let him know it may not always be that way. If you find yourself at a ‘plateau’ or standstill, you actually might not be eating enough (cuz remember, digesting burns calories and keeps your metabolism up), or you may need to increase your exercise. You are definitely correct about not being too strict, cuz you may rebel and eat a box of oreos – yep – I know from experience, lol. 🙂 A steady 1-2 pounds per week means that you are following a lifestyle plan that you should be able to keep. Sounds like you’ve got the right idea. Try not to get too impatient. It’ll be easier to keep off if you lose it slowly.

    • You are right maybe if get my calorie goal to low and there is no place for little treat I would not last very long. I guess it always comes back to changing how I think. It’s not a diet it’s a long life healthy change. Something I have to remind myself often 🙂

  3. Well, I tend to stick to the smaller goals, which makes it easier over time. I mean I have a very long way to go and being to desperate about the long time goals would make it unbearable on me. I am sure. Using the healthy you challenge weight pictures from do help. Every 5 lbs I change to a new picture, showing my progress in 5 lbs steps. Changing the picture has become something to look forward to. I take picture of me every 10 lbs (mostly) and have certain plans attached to most of my mini goals. This keep me motivated.

    • Since I have only lost 14 pounds so far I guess I didn’t think of taking picture to see my progress. I don’t even see it in my clothes yet lol. I remember reading your mini goals and wanting to do it too…now than I remember I should really do it…like tomorrow. I will chek the link, thanks Janet 🙂

    • Janet I will be in the challenge soon, I just sent an e-mail to the lady 🙂 Thanks for letting me know!

      • Good for you!! 😉 Just stay focused and if you ever stumble, just pick yourself back up again. Since we didn’t put on the weight over night it’s only fair travel a long distance to get healthier. The more time we have to develope new habits, the better they will eventually stick. 😉

      • You are right! it may take longer but those new habits will be the base of a healthy living for life which will be the maintenance part! By then I should be a proffessional calorie counter loll

  4. For me (as you’ve probably seen on my blog already 🙂 ) it’s all about process goals. I’m more concerned about sticking with those, and the results will happen! I also plan for days which I don’t count my calories, so I know that I have to count on the other days (right now, it works out to be every 6 or 7 days or so).

    I’m over 1/2 way through my first set of process goals. I know that the scale will say whatever it’s going to say when I way in around 1/12/12, and I believe it’s going to be a ‘better’ number, but what matters most is that I feel much better, look better (less bloated), and have more energy.

    Keep it up!

    • That’s a good way to see it and your are right, we should focus more on the healthy habits than on the scale number. It looks like you are doing great. On those days that you don’t count, do you usually keep under your calorie goal? I might try that in the future just to teach myself to be aware of my food intake without having to count. But I am not ready yet 🙂 Keep it up too!

  5. I am like you, I weigh every day. I find if I don’t, I will usually end up way off track by the end of the week. However, if I am consistent and weigh, I will usually adjust for a super bad day (Like if one night I ate a whole back of cheddar cheese boy scout pop corn) Fortunately those days are not very often. But if I am out for a week or avoid it, I find that later the results are worse than if I consistently weigh.

    Actually I tell my patients it depends on the person. Some people should weigh every day and some people once a week. If you get discouraged by small changes, maybe you should only weigh once a week, if the small changes help you adjust or by not monitoring you have no idea, well than maybe daily is best for you. Recently having not been paying attention, I am starting over again. Good luck on your journey and I look forward to following you

    • Yeah exactly everybody as to find what keeps them motivated. weighing everyday, I really need to look at my progress often to remind me of what I have achieved. I will be following your journey too!

  6. I have an ultimate weight loss target, but my goals week to week center more on the lifestyle modifications I’ll need to work with once I reach that goal. Having said that, because I’ve been doing a fairly calorie-restricted plan, I am tending to lose at least a pound a week, and when that rate slows, it freaks me out a bit even though I do my best not to let it. I like weighing daily so I can see the progress over time by looking at the graphs on Lose It – that is how I get over the times when it takes 8 or 9 days to drop a pound. I can look back and see other plateaus and know it will pass.

  7. I really aim to just be healthy and enjoy it. Numbers are just that, numbers. That doesn’t mean I don’t strive to do better but that’s the reason I have had success this time. When I began losing weight I had no “number” in mind in terms of how much weight I needed to lose, I just decided that I was going to eat better and workout and no matter what happened, I would at the very least be healthier.

    With that said, the amount I’ve lost every week has varied depending on where I was on my journey. At the start, I was losing 2-3 pounds a week, midway probably 1-2 pounds a week, and now being within about 15 lbs of a healthy weight, I’m lucky to lose 0.5 lbs a week! In the end it is just about a healthier lifestyle, rather than the number. You can do whatever you set your mind to!

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