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Creation of a goal page

One day when I was reading Janet’s blog which is called Some Frozen Cookies,( actually I have some yummy ones in the freezer and I am pretty good at not eating them) I saw her goal page and I have been wanting to do the same for a while. What I like about it is the rewards that comes with the mini goals. So here is what mine is going to look like once I set it up. I will add things as they come and probably change it as well but it something to look forward to.

I started November 25 at 208 pounds I have 14 pounds lost by now.



Date reached


20 pounds lost

188 pounds


Buy a Fitbit

25 pounds lost

183 pounds


Buy something nice on vacation

30 pounds lost

178 pounds


Buy some clothes

Start walking outside while my daughter ride her bike

35 pounds lost

173 pounds


Buy and plant a fruit tree

40 pounds lost

168 pounds


Get a swimsuit

45 pounds lost

163 pounds



Start  walking my daughter to pre-school and back

50 pounds lost

158 pounds


Week-end trip

55 pounds lost

153 pounds



Start planning exercise for winter time

60 pounds lost

148 pounds



65 pounds lost

143 pounds


Get a different haircut or colour

70 pounds lost

138 pounds



73 pounds lost

135 pounds


Take a vacation to see my family



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4 thoughts on “Creation of a goal page

  1. I really like this. Fantastic idea. Not only do you see your goals, but your rewards! I will incorporate this into my goal-setting sheets. Thank you for sharing a great idea!

  2. Looking good, I am sure you will reach your goal and that whenever the time for a reward arrives you will cherrish it and be proud for keeping it up and staying focused. 😉

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