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Wii fitness game: ExerBeat

My husband gave me ExerBeat for Christmas and I wanted to talk about it but I wanted to play it at least a month so I would know more about it.

On the game you have different categories: Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Hip hop, Latin dance, Aerobics and even 5 exercise games for kids. Considering that it was about 20$ it’s already pretty good.

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Tiny Victory

Just a tiny post because at the moment I need to turn my focus on something positive. Just a little thing that losing 20 pounds has changed.

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Cheat day, free day or maintenance day

I have been reading that  including a cheat day once a week in a diet plan would help in a few ways.  At first I thought it was only to help getting through the long journey to the goal weight by giving a treat day to cope for being on track the rest of the week. I read something different yesterday. Because our body is adjusting to the calories we give it, a cheat day would prevent our body to go on “starvation mode” and stall in weight loss plateau…

I am looking for a legitimate reason to cheat myself or would it really help? Some says it’s very important to succeed and some says if we hit a plateau we should cut some more calorie and exercise even more.

Here is some article about the subject, what do you think about that?

Do you include a free day in your diet or not?

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Materialist life

When I was young….no I am not that old but just feel like it sometimes. Ok I start again. When I was younger I went backpacking with a friend of mine. It was a dream for me to leave and go explore the world. Not exactly “the whole world” because I am not as adventurous as some travelers. It was more the other side of the world for me. Our first stop was 4 weeks in Tahiti and Moorea just to relax and have a break. It was paradise over there for me. We rented a cabin on the beach with no bathroom (public one with cold water only) and an outside sink to wash our clothes. But we were happy we what we had, 2 pair of pants,2 top, 1 swimsuit and 1 hat. We had peace of mind and a big huge smile tattooed in the face. We learned to walk as slow as the islanders and loved it.

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On vacation, I will…

I have been worried at some point to go on vacation and wreck all my efforts. Not anymore, now I just can’t wait to be off in the sun and enjoy myself. The sun is something that usually makes me happier so I find winter very long here. So here are my personal rules for our trip.

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I finally reached it

This morning what a pleasant surprise..I finally reached my 20 pounds lost! I am so happy and since the Wii balance board said 21 pounds lost so even if I fluctuate a little this statement should remain true. Actually I reached the goal on the 19 but only for 5 minutes so I didn’t count it.

I already ordered my reward (Fitbit) and I can’t wait to have it. So this was not a real post …just a bragging post!

A trainer or a dictator?

This morning I got up and I had breakfast with my usual soy latte. After I felt like doing my work out. YES you read right, I really felt like it and I thought it was so weird. So I started the Wii and my daughter joined me. At around the same time my husband woke up. As usual when husband get back from work or just get up she rushes over to him and gets really hyper! You would give her an espresso and she wouldn’t get that much energy!

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The closer it gets the further it is…

I was hoping to reach my first goal today and I didn’t. I am disappointed because  I actually reached it on Tuesday. For some reason Wednesday and today I took some of it back. Some are going to say that I shouldn’t weight myself everyday for that exact same reason but that sort of up and down doesn’t worry me usually. I was just really happy to reach my first mini-goal and I blame the water, or not enough of it.

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Health benefit of soy chai latte

When I started dieting I was looking for a way to satisfy my craving for pastries, cookies and any other sweet treats.  I knew I already liked chai tea but I didn’t know how to make it so I researched and tried it.

What a delicious hot drink! It feels you with wonderful spice aroma like a spice cake or a gingerbread. It is also very comforting for winter time and days like today, when it is –37 and more with the wind factor. No I didn’t go outside but just looking through the window made me cold.loll

So since I love this drink so much I felt the need to look towards the health benefit it would provide.

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1 foot of snow – 25

No it’s not an equation, it’s my week-end! I am far from complaining here I had a beautiful day yesterday. It didn’t snow for ages and everything was buried under a coat of ice so yesterday I welcomed the snow with pleasure. It was beautiful big flakes falling like crazy for a big part of the day. It was only – 10 and not wind so me and daughter took advantage of it and went outside.

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