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Is freezing your toes burn more calories?

My family and I had such a beautiful day, we got up late and took it easy for the first hour. I had a latte with 3 Tim tams  after my breakfast of course. For those who don’t know what Tim tams are let me explain. My husband is from Australia and his family sent him a box of treats. Tim tams are a chocolate sandwich cookie covered with chocolate and shape like long rectangles. If you bite both ends of it you can sip your coffee through the cookie which becomes all soaked with it. After you just stick it in your mouth before you lose it in your coffee. The coffee and the chocolate together is so delicious!

Not long after we got ready to go ice fishing. The tent, auger, ice fishing rods, heater, lunch, etc. We got there around 1hpm and popped up the tent and got cosy inside.  It was about –10 Celsius outside and even tough we had a heater in the tent I was still getting cold. The heater uses propane so we had to live a part of the door and a little window open. With all that cold air and husband getting in and out all the time I got even colder after an hour so I got out and danced with daughter outside the tent and it warmed me up.

While I was being cold (especially my toes) I was wondering if I was burning more calories because my body was trying to keep warm. So here is an article that is talking about that. Don’t get your hopes to high because it looks like we need to shiver in order to lose a good amount. I think I would rather wear an extra pair of socks and do some exercise. loll

After about 4 hours of alternating moving to warm up and sitting in front of the heater we had 1 big trout and a small one. We decided to pack up as the sun was going down. When everything was in the jeep and there was just 1 fishing rod left in the hole we caught another big one. My daughter was so exited that we had caught a family of 3 just like our family!

We  stuffed the trout with orange, ginger and garlic and cooked it in the oven. Served with asparagus, carrots and love. It was a delicious and healthy supper. The fact that we had caught our own meal made it taste even better. Mmm…I just love fresh fish!


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12 thoughts on “Is freezing your toes burn more calories?

  1. I could have gone my whole life without knowing that Tim tams existed … so glad I’d have to go to Australia to get them!

  2. Well, as I understand it, just being outside burns more calories, so no need to be cold while you’re doing it!

  3. What an awesome story! Since I run outside, even in the coldest of weather, I have heard that you burn a few extra calories because your body is trying to keep warm. If I were just sitting there, however, I would agree with you… I’d rather just have an extra pair of socks on. 🙂 Great idea to get up and dance!! And a healthy meal to boost! Sounds like your whole family is benefitting. Fun!

  4. First off; Tim tams sound amazing!!! I need one now! 😉

    Second; your dinner sounded amazing. Not only was it healthy and prepared with love it was super fresh and natural and that makes it even better!

    Sounds like a fabulous day for the whole family!

  5. Hello! Thank you for your comment on my blog. If you want to add me on My Fitness Pal, my email to search is Hope to see you on there, and good luck with your goals!

  6. Mmm … Tim Tams … can’t believe these are not a worldwide phenomenon … oh, and drinking your coffee through the biscuit? Known here as the “Tim Tam Slam”, haha!

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