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9hpm and I didn’t work out yet…

… I guess it is going to be a day with no exercise for me. I know that it’s perfectly fine to give my body a break but it doesn’t make me feel good about myself. That’s what happens when I don’t do it in the morning, after I tend to do everything else first and forget about my body. Writing this line just makes me realised that working out is also good for my mind because when I have done it I feel proud that I have done the right thing for my health.


I had a new fitness game for Christmas : ExerBeat for Wii,  it is a dance work out. Due to my very weak lower back, I can only do a little bit everyday because of the hip movement. Actually I did more when I had it because it was so much fun and the day after my back was hurting too much. It is good to have a change and when my back can handle more of it I will just alternate this game with the Wii fit and I won’t be so bored anymore!

So today I was at 87 kilos and that means that I have lost 2 pounds over the last week. It feels awesome and what feels even better is that I have noticed change in my body. My pants still fits me but my shapes seems to be a bit different. It must be the work out. loll. I better get back to it tomorrow.

Do you exercise everyday?

How do you feel when you skip your work out?


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12 thoughts on “9hpm and I didn’t work out yet…

  1. whosaidicouldnt on said:

    Im sorry to hear about your back. I would like a new game for the wii. I work out every day but Sunday. I try to do it in the morning as well. If not it doesn’t get done. I feel the same way if I don’t work out. Good job on the 2lbs!!!

    • Yeah I just have to go slowly with the hips moves lol. If you get a game let me know about it because I get bored easily and always looking for good fitness game. I have 2 on my list and it will probably be a reward when I reach one of my mini goals. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I am attempting to work out everyday. But for me that means I get up early in the morning because I have problems with lack of energy after work. Today however, there will be no exercise, since I had to leave my house at the time I normally get up to workout. Today, I chose sleep, since I am traveling all day. However whether real or imaginary I seem to have less energy today. But it is all good. I am telling myself this day will allow my body to rest and heal itself And that is actually needed so maybe make yourself feel a little better with that.

  3. So far my exercise is limited to sit ups, push ups, air squats, up and down my stairs, and walking on the treadmill. I’ve focused most of my effort on my diet since November 14th and I have lost 14 of the 37 lbs I have wanted to lose. I hope to start swimming here real soon at the gym and that will help. When I get back to 200 lbs, I’ll start running again.

  4. Don’t work out every day, have 2 break days. But definitely feel it when don’t work out now – antsy and more easily prone to anxiety or depression. Exercise, especially interval cardio seems to really help with mood stabilization for me. Found that it also helps sleep regulational (bed decent hour, only 8-9 hours/sleep) a great deal. Congrats on your renewed shapeliness! Isn’t it great to have a waist again!! Great post!

  5. I am an early morning exerciser for the reasons you described. If I don’t get it done in the morning, it’s extremely hard to fit it in. I like to fit exercise in everyday – even if it’s just situps or leglifts – and I used to feel guilty and even crabby if I didn’t exercise, but now I’m okay skipping a day or two of cardio. Some days I have to be at work by 6am, and there’s no way I’m going to get up at 2am to workout. It’s hard enough getting up at 3 on those days… so what I do is plan the days I am going to workout as soon as I get my work schedule. I actually look forward to those days! Congratulations on your 2 pound loss! That’s awesome considering we just finished with the holidays!

    • Yeah getting up at 3 in the morning must be very hard! I ccan’t wait for the day that I will look forward to exercise. For the moment I only want to do it to get it done lol

      • I remember those days of just wanting it to be done. Kinda like eating your vegetables first as a kid. 🙂 There are still a few days here and there where I can’t wait til it’s over, but most times I crave it. Especially if it’s been a while. I think you will get to that point as well.

      • loll, thanks for saying that as I have always wanted to like exercise and to know that it can happen makes me happy! 🙂

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