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Can exercise kill you headache?

I often have headaches and it is painful and annoying. Something weird happen yesterday about that. I just forced myself to exercise even though my head was hurting and I noticed that while working out I didn’t feel it anymore. Yesterday it reappeared after the exercises. This morning I had another head ache or was it the same one, I don’t know but I started to work out and it went away and stayed away when I was finished too! What a relief but I really though it would have made me worst!

Like every time I have a questions I do a little research on the web. I don’t always get a clear answer but usually it is at least interesting.

So here is what I have found: Exercise would get the blood flowing so the head ache would be more likely to go away and would also give you something else to think of apart from your sore head.

For more tips and other exercise( not a work out) to get rid of a head ache here is another article from a massage therapist. Taking about it I should take an appointment for a massage.

To change the subject, tomorrow I am heading on a 2 day one night trip to the city and I just hope I will be able to stay on track. I know they have a gym at the hotel. Husband wants to try breakfast “Chez Cora” and I know that everything there is like a whole day worth of calories maybe except for the cottage cheese and yogurt plate but I don’t do well with lactose. Everything looks healthy because of the pile of fruit they put on the plate but healthy doesn’t mean I won’t break the bank.So wish me luck or strength loll. I will do my best to be good and take the plate that looks low-calorie instead of the one that looks good. I will at least enjoy getting out of here for 2 days!


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8 thoughts on “Can exercise kill you headache?

  1. Having given up caffeine on January 2nd, I can attest to the fact that exercise even helps with those annoying “I need caffeine” headaches.

  2. If it did it would be great motivation for me as I get headaches constantly.

  3. Good for you for not using your headache as an excuse. It shows you’re dedicated and determined! I exercise with headaches occasionally too, and for whatever reason they tend to just go away. I can only think of one time that I quit working out due to stomach flu, but I’m a firm believer that exercise wards off illness, so I’ll usually work out if I’m feeling under the weather.
    As far as your 2 night trip coming up, you’re doing the right thing by planning ahead. Does the place you are going for breakfast have an online menu or nutrition facts? I’ll usually plan out what I’m going to eat before I get there, so I don’t go overboard. I also always exercise on my vacations and getaways. That way I don’t feel as guilty about eating out.
    Once again, it sounds like you’re right on track with everything you are doing. Keep it up!

    • Maybe exercise does really help with headache after all! That breakfast restaurant doesn’t have nutritional value but I sort of know I can order some toast and fruit so I should be fine if I don’t sample husband and daughter’s plate too much loll. I am bringing some healthy snacks with me too so I don’t get too hungry and get crazy over food!

  4. Good luck! Enjoy, and watch your portion sizes. Even if you don’t get to the gym, walk your ass off or do SOMETHING!

    Frequent headaches might mean dehydration.. Don’t forget your fluids (water, water, and water). Have fun! 🙂

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