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How good intentions only went so far

We drove to the city after husband’s work last night hoping to clear the freezing rain that was coming towards our town and it paid off! So we got at our hotel at around 1 in the morning, went to bed and slept in until about 10ham. That was a great way to start the day. We wanted to go to a breakfast specialty restaurant. Before we got all organised and ready to go it was lunch time and there was a line up at the breakfast place so we went to outback steak house instead. I was starving and lining up for food never made much sense to me anyway.

So at least there I knew I could get meat and vegetable. I ordered a steak with more vegies instead of garlic mashed potatoes. I was so hungry waiting for it and the waiter brought a cute little brown bread for us to share. It was not part of the plan but I had some anyway. So we finally had our plate and since I didn’t mention that I couldn’t eat broccoli (Due to a health condition ) I had about 95 % broccoli and 5% carrot.loll. The steak was delicious! I ordered a brownie topped with ice-cream for daughter and sample it. I would have stole it from her but I resisted loll.

So I tough I have been pretty good and felt alright about it. Back to the hotel we went at the gym, I walked on the treadmill for 40 min. with one of the pre-set programs on it. I usually burn about 250-300 calories on the Wii and don’t sweat too much at the opposite of the treadmill that exhausted me and only burned 160. One of them must be wrong. After I joined the family in the pool for some more exercise and fun.

We went out in a fine dining Indian restaurant for dinner and it is where I went out of track. The little devil in me knocked the little angel out because we never get to eat in a nice place like this in our town. It was not the initial plan but everything changed when the garlic naan bread got there. Nothing to do with the one you can buy at a shopping center. So apart from the bread I have been pretty reasonable with the coconut rice, the mango chicken curry and tandoori. It was totally worth it!

I am still 48 calories under goal but it is just an illusion from trying to calculate food calories when I don’t really know what was in there. I always put more to be sure but usually I have a better idea.


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10 thoughts on “How good intentions only went so far

  1. Way to starve the little devil out 🙂 I am so OCD that calorie counting frustrates me when I feel I can’t get it perfect. That is why I like tracking output – I am enjoying your ideas and drive…

  2. The good news is, you don’t dine out all the time. 🙂 It’s hard to avoid the bread they serve before dinner, isn’t it? Especially if you’re starving. I tend to cave in as well, mostly because I absolutely love bread. Thank goodness I don’t have a problem eating broccoli. Most of my dinners at home consist of a little of what I make for the family, and a HUGE side of broccoli. I love the stuff. You have nothing to feel guilty about. Sounds like you balanced it out just fine with the exercise. (And you can never believe the calorie burn monitors on those machines… I usually judge how hard I work out by how fast my heart is beating…and try not to get caught up in the numbers.) Glad you enjoyed your weekend getaway!!

    • Yep bread is also my weakness..all the dough stuff really. For a first time on a treadmill it wasn’t too bad when I finally found a show worth watching(They put a TV in front of it to make you forget that you are working out). The weird part was when I got off,lol I was dizzy and my legs were just walking automatically like if I was possessed by some spirit…:-)

  3. L’ange vas gagner!!! I can’t believe you were able to resist the brownie after you sampled it! I would have been gesturing to the waiter for another in no time! lol

  4. The results of the poll are: 100% think my little angel is going to win! This is hilarious but thanks to the 1 person who voted! loll. I will comment again tomorrow after the scale prononce the winner. 🙂

  5. Scale says I have lost 0.1 kilos from saturday morning so it’s all good! I didn’t even count calories yesterday but I was being carefull. So I guess Julie won the battle after all.loll The little Devil gave me some fun and the angel made sure that I didn’t destroy all my efforts.

  6. Good job with ‘balancing things out’! The bread is always ‘the killer’ – tip: When you order a water, drink it fast, then order another… preferably before the bread gets to the table. It’ll curb the craving for the bread, and… TADA! ZERO CALORIES! 🙂 The other (and better) solution would be to tell the waiter during your drink order to nix the bread altogether!

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