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In my last post I talked about my 2 days trip to the city and how I ended up eating too much at a restaurant. So today I was thinking about that restaurant and the delicious food we had there. It’s called Guru and it serves a fine dining Indian cuisine.  It’s not cheap but worth it so if you ever plan on cheating your diet ( last week-end cheat was not planned) my advice would be : Do it with style and have a full dining experience that will leave your taste buds with beautiful memories. YES there is such a thing as food memory! Unfortunately for me loll

So todays I was just craving for  mango chicken curry because of the darn memory. I just happened to have a bag of frozen mango, rice, coconut and chicken here! I started to look at a few recipe to end up making my own like usual.

It ended up to be a 450 calories meal with the rice and it was a little bit too delicious because I back to the stove twice to re-taste the sauce. I could have had a double portion of it easily!

Change of subject I was at 86.2 kilos this morning which means that I have lost 18 pounds so far! WOO HOO! I am almost at my 20 pounds goal and my Fitbit or other device since I am not totally decided yet.

I better get my bum off this chair now and do my workout if I want to eat more  curry tomorrow loll


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14 thoughts on “Cheating with style

  1. Good for you – and terrific that you found a way to make a fav food lower cal so you could still enjoy it! There’s an amazing eastern european restaurant close to my house that has a goulash in a crepe that is mind blowing. Of course, the full fat sour cream has no calories :-)! But did make a similar dish tonight with half the calories and over whole wheat noodles. It was also wonderful and let me have a little wheat bread with butter, too. Thanks for your post and kudos for going to work out!

    • Thanks for the cheering! I just finished working out! Oh my, I also LOVE sour cream and butter loll! That goulash sounds delicious. Isn’t it nice when you are allowed to have something nice like butter because you have been good the whole day!

  2. I have never been a big fan of indian curry but that sure sounds good. Now, thai curry, I salivate just thinking about it. Grats on the weight loss, that’s awesome. What exactly is a FitBit?

  3. Finding out what it is you can live with is the key to taking off and keeping off weight. If you deny yourself everything, chances are you will over-indulge at some point. So you did great finding a lower calorie option for a food that you enjoy. And it’s good to “treat” yourself to something if you’ve been “good” all day. While I was losing weight I treated myself to a serving of ice cream every night… and I savored every bite of it. To this day, I still have ice cream every night. 🙂 Exercise is another good option. You always want to do your ‘normal’ exercise, but if you plan to eat a little extra, you can always exercise a little extra.
    And CONGRATS on 18 pounds lost! That’s terrific!

    • Thanks! You always have the good advice or encouragement words for me. I apreciate that a lot! I am sure many people would like to hear that you lost weight while eating ice cream every night! It would encourage them to start doing the same. I still have heaps of Christmas cookies in the freezer and every now and then I have one. I keep chocolate here too, so I guess I am pretty good at controling myself( when I am at home) and I treat myself in a healthy way ,just like you!

  4. LOL – this was great, not sure how many times I have finished walking stair just to sit down and wiped it out with a nice order of bacon.

    The way I reconcile it is to tell myself that while I would have eaten the bacon before – the excercise is still new. I am still making progress.

  5. I totally agree. My husband wanted to go out to a change restaurant the other day but I told him for the calories I want to go to a decadent restaurant. If you are going to use them make them worth your while!

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