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1 foot of snow – 25

No it’s not an equation, it’s my week-end! I am far from complaining here I had a beautiful day yesterday. It didn’t snow for ages and everything was buried under a coat of ice so yesterday I welcomed the snow with pleasure. It was beautiful big flakes falling like crazy for a big part of the day. It was only – 10 and not wind so me and daughter took advantage of it and went outside.


When it stopped falling I figured that I was better to shuffle now than later when the snow would be heavier and packed up by the cold. My daughter has her own little shuffle too so she helped me. We scraped the patio, then the drive way (which looks more like a 2 car parking really) and then we headed to our neighbour. She is a sweet lady of a certain age who is always thinking about my daughter at Christmas and her birthday, sometimes a surprise when coming back from trip and also invite us for tea and cookies every now and then. So we started scraping her patio thinking she wasn’t home but she was so she came out and helped. We did her driveway as well.

After all that work my daughter was getting tired so I sent her inside and cleaned the skating rink. It was a whole lot of snow shuffling, for more than an hour but I enjoyed the fresh air.

Back inside I decided that my work-out was done for the day and I relaxed for a while. When husband got  back from work he told me that everything was covered in snow… again…loll  Another 2 cm. At the moment it just meant more exercise for me but it turned out to be – 25 Celsius today so I kept the snow for a milder day, if there is one. Apparently it should get to –30 this week so I will have to get brave. For those who are in Florida,Australia, Hawaii or anywhere warm, you must be laughing!


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6 thoughts on “1 foot of snow – 25

  1. Gee, and I thought it was tough here. At the moment it’s -2 degrees Celsius, that is 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit….I thought my thighs were going to freeze right off while I drove to work… I feel with you. 😉

  2. We have been snow deprived, but you cured me of wanting it 🙂 Isn’t rest awesome after you have done something hard…

    • Yeah! The rest is good after the work but there is the “I deserve it” stage that I always have to deal with. Usually I just eat a cup of sugar snap, as sweet as the name sounds sadly it’s only a variety of peas lol

  3. Geez, I complain about the cold here, and want to move further south… I can’t imagine what you all are going through. The snow must be beautiful though. We have cold weather but rarely get snow, so it’s just miserable. Think about the exercise you got from it though! That’s awesome. I love doing physical chores like that because you get something accomplished and you burn calories! 🙂

    • Exactly! Usually it’s only the work-out and it feels good anyway but with the work-work-out you double the great acomplishment feeling.:-) I know what you mean when the weather is cold , no snow means no fun at all!

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