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Health benefit of soy chai latte

When I started dieting I was looking for a way to satisfy my craving for pastries, cookies and any other sweet treats.  I knew I already liked chai tea but I didn’t know how to make it so I researched and tried it.

What a delicious hot drink! It feels you with wonderful spice aroma like a spice cake or a gingerbread. It is also very comforting for winter time and days like today, when it is –37 and more with the wind factor. No I didn’t go outside but just looking through the window made me cold.loll

So since I love this drink so much I felt the need to look towards the health benefit it would provide.

I don’t have an exact recipe and I don’t use the proper tea like in India but it is still good and a little different every time I make it.

I just take a pot, trough a few bags of tea in there, add cardamom seeds, cinnamon stick, star anise, whole black pepper and dry or fresh ginger. Fill it up with water and boil it for 15 minutes. The real recipe put milk in the pot as well but I use soy and I don’t boil it with the mix. Instead I put the mix in a big jar when it’s ready and keep it in the fridge. When I want one I just poor some in my cup, top it up with soy milk and sugar to taste and warm it in the micro wave oven. It’s delicious!

Health benefit

Cardamom : Is used in South Asia to treat infections in teeth and gums and to prevent and treat throat troubles

Chinese Star anise : Used as a remedy for rheumatism and is believed to help digestion.

Ginger : Effective again nausea, is an anti-inflammatory

Black pepper :It contains a molecule called piperine which helps to maximise the therapeutic effect of some anticancer molecules.

Cinnamon : Is a strong antioxidant

Tea: Black tea would  decrease cardiovascular disease events. If you don’t want the caffeine in the tea you could try this tip from Laura Dolson

You can dunk your tea bag in water for about 20 seconds and then throw that tea away and start over with fresh water. If you are using loose tea, brew for 30-45 seconds, then toss the water and start over. You can get rid of about 80% of the caffeine this way.

Soy milk : Is a source of isoflavone  which reduce the risk of developing breast and prostate cancer and prevent osteoporosis.

Sugar : Pleasure guaranteed loll



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