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A trainer or a dictator?

This morning I got up and I had breakfast with my usual soy latte. After I felt like doing my work out. YES you read right, I really felt like it and I thought it was so weird. So I started the Wii and my daughter joined me. At around the same time my husband woke up. As usual when husband get back from work or just get up she rushes over to him and gets really hyper! You would give her an espresso and she wouldn’t get that much energy!

He is so great with her, doing what ever she wants to do, really listening to what she has to say, confirming to her that she is an important little princess. It’s really something that I wanted for her, to develop the self-confidence and love of herself that I always lacked.

When she saw that her daddy was getting up, she didn’t leave him the time to awake before she invited him to join us and do the yoga routine. He politely declined, she politely insisted a lot with a “I won’t take no for an answer “ kind of tone. He agreed knowing she wouldn’t leave him alone.loll

We started and suddenly the little princess turned into a trainer-dictator! The poor man couldn’t do anything right and the trainer wouldn’t stop talking for half a second. I can tell you the yoga wasn’t as relax as it should have been. So I didn’t have any choice but to laugh because every little move he was doing was wrong and she had to correct him and was too happy to tell him what to do and how to do it. So we had a good laugh (me especially) and when daughter invited him to stay for the step, he firmly said “no, I have to get in the shower” and he escaped.

She was not happy but still joined me and we did the step and dance together. She is such a wonderful child and we love her so much but she can be a little bossy at times, it must be a 4-year-old thing.


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12 thoughts on “A trainer or a dictator?

  1. It’s a four year old thing 🙂

    My four year old is a little dictator too. She’s going through the NO! phase, and is getting real good at haggling for whatever she wants too. And she bosses me to go to the swimming pool practically every day.

    Hey – who needs a personal trainer when you have a four year old?

  2. Too cute! Yes, it may be a 4 year old thing. It may also be a ‘girl’ thing. I have one daughter after 3 sons, and I love that my husband is so loving towards her. (She’s 14 now, so as a teenager it can be difficult at times to love her.) I was like you, no confidence in myself at all, and I think it was due to the fact that I didn’t have a loving father. My daughter, on the other hand, excudes confidence and I attribute that to the fact that my husband was never afraid to show affection and attention towards her. I feel very lucky, and I’m sure you do too! 🙂

    • My Dad sure loved me but as a kid my parent were always too busy to play with me and maybe didn’t really listen to me and weren’t the cuddling type and I thought I was just not important enough. One thing is sure I don’t remember being told I was pretty and became convinced that I am not. So I constanly tell her she is beautiful and smart and capable and I have to be careful not to repeat the mistakes and being to busy to play or cuddle. It’s a real blessing for her to have my husband(I think it everytime I watch them together) because a girl needs attention and loving from her daddy to become a confident woman. So yes I feel so lucky! 🙂

  3. Haha! This has made me laugh – a princess giving orders. I guess it’s time to be grateful she’s viewing you as competent enough not to need her advice!

    • Yeah thank god!:-) I started at the same time as her so she knows I have some experience but if I dare being a little different from the Wii trainer…she lets me know so I can correct myself.loll

  4. Great post! Lots of laughs too! Thanks for commenting on the blog. I am doing a high fruit and veggie which is where I get all my carbohydrates from with a little protein and try to eat five or six time throughout the day. I eat small portioned meals, and I mean small. I do not, however hold back on the veggies or fruits. I absolutely control my protein portion. I eat till full or satisfied and I’m good. I only drink water nowadays and feel so much better…..thanks for asking.

    • Thanks Pono! I guess that being in Hawaii gives you plenty of delicious fresh fruits to eat! Eating little meals often is apparently working for a lot of poeple. I will have a look to those recipes your talking about when you post them 🙂

  5. She may have a great future as a consultant!

  6. Mh, it’s good my cats can’t talk, or they might go “Oh no, she is doing it again, secure your tailes everycat, the can opener is using up space again.” 😉

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