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I finally reached it

This morning what a pleasant surprise..I finally reached my 20 pounds lost! I am so happy and since the Wii balance board said 21 pounds lost so even if I fluctuate a little this statement should remain true. Actually I reached the goal on the 19 but only for 5 minutes so I didn’t count it.

I already ordered my reward (Fitbit) and I can’t wait to have it. So this was not a real post …just a bragging post!


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24 thoughts on “I finally reached it

  1. Congrats — wish the FitBit was waterproof!

  2. whosaidicouldnt on said:

    Good job!!! That is so awesome

  3. Brag away! Well done you!

    PS – the 20 pound button looks great on your blog 😉

  4. Congratulations!! What a milestone, that’s great

  5. What an accomplishment!! Congratulations! You know what I like? The fact that you made yourself wait until you felt like you really deserved the reward. You’re being honest with yourself and not just thinking “Oh, I’m close enough…” That’s what’s going to keep you disciplined enough to continue on your journey! Enjoy your reward! What’s a Fitbit, by the way??? :/

    • Thank you! It’s already hard for me to beleive that I have lost weight so if I reach a goal but it only last a day I am not counting it. For the fitbit clic on because it’s the best way to explain.

  6. Congrats on the loss…YAY!! By the way, my Wii has me actually almost 14 lbs heavier than my usual scale. When I first stepped on my scale-balance board, I thought that wasn’t a very good joke. 😉

    • Thank you Janet! Wow 14 pounds heavier is crazy, just stick with your usual scale then because it is very depressing. When I change the batteries on my balance board it usually goes crazy like 5 pounds less and the day after it ok. Well I hope it is not telling lies loll I should get a real scale I think…

  7. Have fun with your Fitbit! Congrats!

  8. Hurray!

    Now go and dance a jig!

  9. Well done! That is absolutely brilliant! Enjoy your reward!

  10. Bragging posts are real posts and they are soo important to help keep you motivated and on track. Congratulations on your loss!

  11. Sweet! Congrats on the loss1

  12. congrats on the 20 pounds! 🙂

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