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On vacation, I will…

I have been worried at some point to go on vacation and wreck all my efforts. Not anymore, now I just can’t wait to be off in the sun and enjoy myself. The sun is something that usually makes me happier so I find winter very long here. So here are my personal rules for our trip.


I will just soak up those vitamin D and enjoy time with family and friends.

I will then have my Fitbit with me to help with the calorie tracking and will do my best to walk once a day when it is possible. Walking in the warm sun will be a fantastic break from the Canadian winter.

I will take the time to appreciate special moments, smelling the ocean’s saltiness, feeling the sand under my feet, listening to the birds in the morning, everything to help me go back there in my mind when I need to.

I will allow myself some treats that I cannot have here and will not indulge on stuff that I don’t like that much just because someone else is eating it.

I will eat plenty of  tropical fruit because I love it and because over there it will be so fresh and sweet. I will go crazy on the fresh abundant variety of seafood available there.

I will do my best to prepare us before bed for the next day  as it always takes us forever when we wait until the next morning and I want us to enjoy every minute of sunny day time.

I will find proper snack to carry with me so I don’t get too hungry.

I will work hard to be more easy going. (that won’t be easy loll)

I will try to find time to blog

I will carry a note pad with me so that I can sort of keep track of my food and log it in at night.

I will go to bed not too late and get up early to enjoy the day.

I will get up before my family a few times and enjoy some alone time having breakfast in the front patio where I can see and listen to the birds singing.

I will take mental pictures of all the amazing flowers, trees, landscapes that can grow there and the wonderful wildlife too.

I will put my kids glasses on and let myself being amazed by everything that will surround us.

Wondering where I am going? Soon me and my family will fly to the other side of the planet in Queensland, Australia to see my husband’s family and we will also have a road trip going down towards Sydney. We will probably want to stay there forever or move there for the next 6 months after we are back here, especially me that needs the sea too much to be living in Alberta.


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8 thoughts on “On vacation, I will…

  1. That sounds absolutely heavenly! I can’t wait to hear about it! And your plan sounds exactly like something I would do. I think you’ll find that you like to exercise while you’re there. It’s so fun walking/running/working out in a new place. And the fresh fruit?? That’ll be what you can have anytime someone is eating and you WANT to (but not necessarily NEED to) eat. Stock up on those and fresh grilled/steamed vegetables and then you won’t feel so bad with the little indulgences that you’ll most likely have. You’re going to do fine! Your going into this with a very well thought out plan. Good for you!

    • Thanks I use to be a little bit scared about this trip but now I am just getting exited and want to enjoy every bit of it. I love fruit so much and around here there are never as delicious as they should be so watch out farmer markets here I come!

  2. I like your attitude. I am sure you will greatly enjoy yourself, spend some wonderful time, make enthralling memories and return with more energy. Keep it up ! 😉

  3. It sounds wonderful – what great tips to keep you on target.

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