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When I was young….no I am not that old but just feel like it sometimes. Ok I start again. When I was younger I went backpacking with a friend of mine. It was a dream for me to leave and go explore the world. Not exactly “the whole world” because I am not as adventurous as some travelers. It was more the other side of the world for me. Our first stop was 4 weeks in Tahiti and Moorea just to relax and have a break. It was paradise over there for me. We rented a cabin on the beach with no bathroom (public one with cold water only) and an outside sink to wash our clothes. But we were happy we what we had, 2 pair of pants,2 top, 1 swimsuit and 1 hat. We had peace of mind and a big huge smile tattooed in the face. We learned to walk as slow as the islanders and loved it.


Of course it wasn’t reality as we were not working but we found work after we got in Australia. I met my husband working at a café over there by the way. Everything seemed to be simple back then, of course there was worries sometimes but generally it was not a complicated life. My life is so different now that it seems to be another one. I felt free back then and I miss that but I don’t mean that I don’t like my present life. I am so grateful for my husband and daughter, they are the most important part of my life now. The more I think about it the more I find that all those possessions is killing our freedom. Sometimes I feel like I am a prisoner of all these things we have. When you don’t have much stuff you can move easily to somewhere nice and you just learn to be happy with what you got. When you get stock into a more materialist lifestyle you end up needing all the stuff because you developed the habits of using it. I know that it is human nature to acquire things to make our life better but the society is pushing us to over-consume beyond our needs.

Where is she going with that?!? Well I have started packing for our trip and all of that had me thinking that we will be perfectly happy with our little suitcases during our trip. If we could extend the vacation for 1 more month we would still be alright with only the stuff we brought with us. We would not miss out TV or our bookshelf with all the books or the food processor. We would live without it and be fine. Why in hell do we feel the need to have all those unnecessary things? Is it to compensate for something else?

I know that I don’t like living in Alberta and with the trip coming some thoughts came up to the surface and it tells me that I want to move in Australia. I am from the east coast of Canada and grew up with the sea right in front of me and the bush in the back. I have lived there for about 30 years with some times going away and coming back. Now we have been here for about 4 years now and it has been very hard on me. I feel stock here and I know that all my shopping trip buying things like appliance that I “need” for doing certain recipes is due to the fact that I am not adapting and I hate it here. My husband likes the town because he has a good position and loves his work. He works really hard and he is great at what he is doing. His work is the only reason we are here and we were only supposed to stay for a few years so he could get more experience then go somewhere else.

We still have a nice life here because we have a little more money than before. Money gives you security and buy you stuff that you don’t need. I know that we are fortunate for all we have and I should appreciate more, especially with the trip we are getting but I know that I won’t want to come back. Is it normal for someone to not want to come back to where they live? Last time that we came back from our trip on the east coast it took me a month to get over it.

Oh my god I am such a complainer tonight. I did my work-out but the endorphins weren’t enough for my little down. Forgive me if I am not making any sense! I just felt like getting those emotions out of my head. Don’t worry I will be back to normal and will be all smile tomorrow loll. It already feels better to share that with you guys. To go back to a more positive point of view, this materialist life style has given me at least a few good things like my espresso machine that I love and the Wii fit! Smile almost forgot my laptop …


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10 thoughts on “Materialist life

  1. First of all… you ARE normal. It’s normal to get down about things every once in a while. Second of all, you just described exactly how I have been feeling the last few months, and it was the topic of our family discussion this morning. Possessions can weigh a person down and actually can cause a lot of unneeded stress. It’s absolutely true that the less you have, the better you feel!
    Just yesterday we had about 6 inches of water leak into the basement of my husbands rental property. We use that basement for some of our personal storage, so a lot of things were ruined. He was a little upset about having to go down there and throw things away, but then he said “Oh well. At least we’ll have less to pack when we move to Florida!”
    That’s the going joke in our family. Well – not really a joke. We are desperate to move south for a warmer climate, but with the kids’ schooling, and grandma and grandpa nearby we’re a little hesitant about moving right now. But we WILL be moving at some point… and with any luck we’ll have cleared ourselves of all our possessions.

    • You don’t how much better your comment is making me feel! I always felt like living in a warm place and here I am in freezing Alberta. It would be so simple to move without all that junk everywhere. My family is 6-7 hours of plane away so it’s not like they are going to visit every 2 days. I hope you finally move to Florida one day, on your bike with a backpack 😉

  2. It’s normal to feel like this sometimes. Especially in Alberta…so cold! Hugs!

  3. Don’t beat yourself up over feeling this way. there are days, my husband and I think, we should just move to somewhere else. We could get a job anywhere, but then we think, the kids are doing well. We don’t want to uproot their school. We have a nice house and it would be hard to find something like what we own somewhere else, especially for the price we got. And it really is not that bad. But even still, sometimes those feelings come, and there is nothing that we can do to stop them. And there is nothing wrong of missing the simplicity of an earlier life, before kids, no matter how much you love them. But sometimes, maybe we see the past through rose colored glasses and we forget about the difficulties, preferring only to remember the good.

    • I agree that we tend to remember the past with a romantic feeling but I don’t want to go back to when I didn’t have my daughter, I would just like to be somewhere nice with the sea nearby, my house is alright but it’s only a house, I guess I am just sick of living here. We don’t have any family here so it probably makes it worst. Thanks for your nice comment 🙂

  4. I guess I know how you feel. I did spend one year abroad and often think back to the days when I only had to ask myself what cloth to wear, in terms of comfortability. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days. But I am different now and I would not be able to relive those days like in my memories. I don’t even know whether I would be fearless enough to just go. 😉

    Sometimes I also wish thinks could just be that simple again. Lock the door, get a ticket and … like, become a English or German instructor in Japan, then my sense of reality catches on to me and I remember that it ain’t as easy. I got piles and piles of stuff, furniture, cats, where to put them. I really need to shuffle through my stuff and get rid of some. Let’s be less materialistic but hey, I am keeping my Wii too. 😉

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