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Wii fitness game: ExerBeat

My husband gave me ExerBeat for Christmas and I wanted to talk about it but I wanted to play it at least a month so I would know more about it.

On the game you have different categories: Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Hip hop, Latin dance, Aerobics and even 5 exercise games for kids. Considering that it was about 20$ it’s already pretty good.

The first time that I tried it, it’s like all  games there is a lot of Blah blah blah. You have to create a profile, enter your weight, height and age and then you are ready to play. There is a lot of different exercises with different time length for each category.

You can play with 1 remote, 2 remote or the balance board. This is great because having both remote makes it more interesting and accurate when you play. Having 2 remote also makes the weight in both hands even (contrary to having a remote and a Nunchuk.) There is also the possibility to add more weight with the Wii motion plus. There is less exercise that use the balance board. The way it works is a bit Rock band with the music note coming towards you except that it’s an arrow that comes towards you and it is shaped differently according to the move you are supposed to make.

If you pick an exercise and play,when you finish,  you get points that will make you travel the world on a big map. This is a feature that makes the game interesting because it gives you a goal. Every time you reach a place on the map the game will tell you stuff about the city or country. It’s always nice to learn but it does take a while and some might find it very annoying. I thought it was losing my work-out time at first but then I eventually unlocked a mode where I can build my own routine according to the time I have. You can even create more and have a different one for each day. That way you get to learn about the cultural stuff of the world but only at the end of your routine when you are happy to sit down and listen.

Another thing that will unlock is the daily and weekly challenge. The daily challenge is about 4-5 minutes and you have to succeed at 70% in order to have the red flag stamped to your calendar. I like it because it makes me discover exercises that I wouldn’t  probably pick on my own. Sometimes it doesn’t look good but if you try, it’s not so bad.

Overall I like this game, it gives a better work out than the Wii Fit Plus and I played it almost everyday since I have it. My daughter also likes the kids game but the other games as well.


You get graphics

You can create a lot of routines and skip the unnecessary talking.

There is a lot of different exercises to choose from.

You can use the balance board and  1 or 2 remotes.

You can play with another person at the same time except for the balance board exercise.

It’s fairly cheap for what you get.

It includes children games.

You get to learn about world culture.

There is a different challenge for each day and each week.

There is a lot of variety and it keeps you from getting bored with the game.


You have to enter your weight at first but also every times it changes. The games doesn’t weight you and it’s a shame so if you forget, the calories burned might not be accurate. I just weight with the Wii Fit Plus.

If you pick individual exercises you have to go through all the talking at the end of every exercises and it is taking too much time.

The exercises are not all available at first, the more you play, more will unlock but it would be nice to have them all to put in your routine.

It doesn’t happen very often but sometimes it doesn’t record your move.

Here is a video so you can see what it looks like



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5 thoughts on “Wii fitness game: ExerBeat

  1. It looks like fun…alas I sold my Wii. Interested in hearing how it is.

  2. Mh, I might give it a try. I am still undecided about which one to buy next, Zumba or Exerbeat. Have you tried Zumba yet?

    • Never tried Zumba except on a DVD (I couldn’t follow her), it would probably be esier to do on a game. I only have Exerbeat and wii fit plus as fitness game and I didn’t see everything on Exerbeat yet so I will stick with it. I will probably buy a few other game next fall in prevision on being more inside for the winter. I was looking at “get fit with Mel B” before I got the other one and it looked good. There is dance on mine with a lot of hip move and abs squeezing but probably not as much as zumba would have.

  3. Sounds like you may have a cure for exercise boredom. (As long as you can get through the long-winded instructors at the end of the games.) I’m sure it’s nice to unlock a new game and then have something new and perhaps more challenging to “play”. And how fun that your daughter can play her own games as well. She’s learning that exercise can be fun, and that it’s important to be healthy. I’m trying to instill that in my daughter so that she doesn’t have to fight through the same things I did as an adult, but sometimes I feel like I am fighting an uphill battle with candy stores and school lunches and pizza parties… so instead of fighting against them, I’m trying to teach her how to balance them with exercise and healthy eating whenever she can.
    Happy exercising!! 🙂

    • I can build a routine , save it, that way I only have to listen to the cultural stuff at the end of the whole work out. It’s great what you are doing with your daughter! I am still trying to make mine eat real meat(she never liked the texture) instead of process meat such as ham…at least she likes brocoli and other fruit and vegetables.

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