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I have just realised that I have neglected my blog this week. I guess it’s better for my bum to be out there moving around than sitting with a computer on my lap. I am doing alright even after a week of ups and downs Thursday I was at the exact same weight as the week before. It finally dropped down of 1 pound this morning.  I will just have to see if it stays or goes back up.

I’ve been playing ExerBeat a lot tonight with daughter. She was making me close my eyes so she could pick a surprise exercise. It was after my own work out so I have been lucky she didn’t pick a 20 minutes one but only short ones. We probably did like 40 minutes of exercise at all just having fun trying new ones. I was getting tired when she picked a breathing exercise. Hahaha I tough I could finally rest but it turned out to be a Pilates and was not as easy as just breathing. I am just happy that she likes the game and  I see it as quality time together. It makes her move as well which is awesome.

Today it was winter at its best! The sun was shinning, it got at 0 Celsius and with the big snow fall we had the other day it was perfect to slide on the big snow bank in our front yard. We had a friend and her daughter joining us which made it even better. A bit of skating after that and a warm latte back inside. I never miss an opportunity to share some Christmas cookie whenever there is someone here…(please have another one) don’t want to throw them away but don’t want them to last until summer.

The sun gives me so much energy when it’s there and not too cold outside. It was a simple but great day.


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2 thoughts on “Doing good!

  1. Sounds like you’re having fun! Gotta love those “simple, but fun days.” And you’re right, if you’re neglecting your blog, it’s because you’re not just sittin’ there. Good to hear from you again though!

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