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Who is speaking to me?!?

I dropped a pound yesterday and this morning the Wii balance board told that I dropped another one. Yes! I am very happy about that. But there is something going on inside me that happens when I have worked hard and all the sudden it seems easy.

I heard a voice in my head…

The voice: You lost 2 pounds in 2 days…

Me : I have been at the same weight for 2 weeks and it is FINALLY going down! 

The voice: You don’t need to be careful, it’s too easy, eat some ice cream!

Me: I was saving it for when I have a really good day

The voice: You will have a really good day if you eat it…and by the way there is chocolate in the pantry.

I was saving that individual portion of ice cream for a day that I am way under my calorie goal but I ate it at mid day, and some pop corn, a coffee, a piece of dark chocolate and a tin of herring(the only one healthy) and that was my lunch.

I usually make better food choice than that but I was craving junk and I gave myself junk. I am still under goal but I won’t make it to bed time if I don’t get my bum out of my chair( Yes I have MY chair and it makes me feel old) and get moving! 


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8 thoughts on “Who is speaking to me?!?

  1. It’s okay that you satisfied those cravings. 🙂 Better to do it in smaller portions when you crave it than to try to avoid it and then binge on it later. And congratulations on a few more pounds lost! Sometimes it takes a couple of days to register a loss (or gain), so I’m glad you’re finally seeing it!

  2. Very cool! I just checked your goals and some other things around your blog and I love it! What a great job you are doing! WOW! Very motivating! I started at 222.8 lbs. on Jan. 9th and I am now 207.0 lbs. I hear many voices in my head too! LOL! they all tell me different things (sometimes there are some fights up there! LOL!) but no matter what they say I am taking them all to the gym! I realize that the better I do the weaker “the tempting voices” get and the stronger I feel! You are doing awesome! Congratulations! My goal is also 135 lbs. I am looking forward to seeing you get there and to getting there myself!

    • Thanks for visiting! You seem to have such a positive attitude,it’s great! The same goal weight, it’s funny. Maybe we can do this journey together (not a race lol) and hopefully will both get to our goal healthier and happier than ever! 🙂

      • Thanks!!! Yes, I thought it was funny that we share the same goal…. 🙂 I think it will be great for us to find each other’s blog as an encouragement… definitely not a race! LOL! I don’t do well under pressure! it would make me want to eat more! LOL!

      • Exactly it’s what I love about this blog…I have found people who went through the same thing as I did and decided to change it just like me. We often encounter the same issues along our journey and to be able to share things that I don’t normally share(even with family) and to be understood is vital to get to stick to my plan. We can do this! lol

  3. with love from brookline, ma on said:

    It’s fine to cheat once in a while!

  4. You are doing great, but that little voice of temptation can get you going down the wrong path with a lot of little things that can derail your train. So tell that little devil on your shoulder to shut up, you are stronger than that! And you are going to continue to save that treat for when you reach the goal you’ve given yourself!

    Sorry, I never really was a good enabler! And I’ve seen myself stumble way too many time listening to that little voice. 😉

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