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Confession time

We went away to the city for the week-end because Husband needed an international driver permit. Yes my friends it means my trip is coming soon! I don’t need an Int.Driv.Perm. because there is no way I am driving on the other side of the road. I tried it before (10 years ago)when we were in New Zealand( It’s such a beautiful country) but not in the city, just in small towns.

It was nice to get away but we went to our new favourite restaurant that is now turned into a fine dining cafeteria….so disappointing! Especially when your cheating your diet! I was expecting the same delicious food we had last time and they served us week-ends left overs.

Confession time


So I didn’t log any food Sunday and Monday. I didn’t exercise and I have been sitting in the car more than anything. So I was less active than usual. I find it very hard to find stuff I can eat at restaurant. They never have soy milk to begin with and the only vegetable they have is always green salad and broccoli which are not good for my body. So I just stopped worrying and did like If I was not counting. Don’t get me wrong, I still stopped eating when I was full and made the best choice I could with what I could find but like I said the choices were limited.

I just gave up, went with the flow and don’t even feel guilty. Tomorrow I’ll be back on track and work harder if I have too.

I hope my week-end trip is not a reflection of my coming vacation loll

That’s it!


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2 thoughts on “Confession time

  1. Hurray – I get so excited when people post that they missed their goal for the day. Posting it means you are twice as likely to stick to it. Great determination.

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