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Building souvenirs

When I saw that the living was filled up with sunlight, I decided to pack our lunch and go to the park. It was beautiful out there. The park has a man-made lake with an island. There is a paved track around it where you can walk or roller skate. But when winter is there the town clear the snow on the lake so we can skate on it. They clear a huge skating ring where people can play hockey, there is also a track shaped as a 8, a smaller rink(it’s still huge) and another longer track that goes all around the island.

So my 4-year-old daughter skated a bit but felt like “the other side” of the rink was way too far. She is used to our rink which is so tiny compare to the one where we went. So because I am a Mom I had thought of it and brought the sled with us. She happily sat in it and off we went. We ended up going pretty fast and she was almost catching up with me in corners loll. It was a good change from our rink because at home I  only move my skate a little and I am already the other side. I even got tired and had to sit down in the snow to have a break.

So we ate our sandwiches sitting on one of the bench  by the lake and we went for another ride after. It was so quiet and peaceful! Another nice mother-daughter souvenir buit…


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6 thoughts on “Building souvenirs

  1. What a great Mom you are! I went snow sledding a few times with my kids when they were younger, but I’ve never really enjoyed the cold, so I wouldn’t last very long. As they got older, I just bundled them up and sent them out by themselves, then when they were completely frozen and worn out, I would be ready with the hot chocolate. I think it’s wonderful that you do so many things with your daughter. You really are creating great memories!

  2. Sounds like fun!

  3. Sounds great. Creating memories for your daughter, I am sure I would enjoy that too. 🙂

  4. I don’t know if she will remember but I will 🙂

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