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Is it the TV that is bad for us or the “sitting” part of it?

Check out this post, it’s a little scary. My last thought about my Exerbeat trainer was “he wants to kill me”…maybe I should be more afraid of sitting down loll.


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6 thoughts on “Is it the TV that is bad for us or the “sitting” part of it?

  1. Yikes, sounds like my job really is going to be the death of me! I better get up and walk away from my cube for a while on the days I’m in the office.

  2. My husband has been reading quite a few articles on the dangers of sitting, and he now stands most of the day. He’s raised his computer up so it’s comfortable for him, and brings a bar stool in when he needs to sit for a minute. He works at home so he has that luxury. I, on the otherhand, NEVER sit. My job has me standing 8 to 9 hours a day. I prefer that though.

    • I use to be like that , standing and walking all day when I was a chef. I wasn’t skinny back then but skinier lol. The standing desk are great but you are right, it’s not everybody that can choose to change it.

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