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… routine

I have never been good at routines, I can plan very good routines with perfect schedule but I never seems to be able to keep doing the routine for some reason. I am talking about any routine like work-out, bedtime, morning, daily. When I manage to start one and do it long enough to see the benefit from it, the smallest change can blow the whole thing out. After it’s like I forget to do it. If we go on a week end trip, the week after I forget to take my vitamins in the morning and it takes me another week to finally get the habit back.


I am not good at taking care of myself because of that same problem with routine. You know normal stuff like hydrating your skin is something that I have to work hard to remember. A week ago I had enough of it, my feet were so cracked that the sheets were getting caught in it (not kidding) so I have been on my new foot cream morning and night routine and I don’t know how long I am going to last loll

I have been a good girl and did my work out tonight! burned 260 calories on the Wii fit plus. Hopefully tomorrow it will say something else than “ouch” when I step on the balance board.

We are going Ice fishing tomorrow and I will try to go for a walk on the lake to burn some more calories and get this body of mine some exercise. Husband bought me some toe warmer (something you stick in your boots) so it should be a warmer fishing day out there. I don’t care too much about fishing because I am not a very patient person but I do like to eat the fresh trout so I might bring my laptop to help me wait with a smile…


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9 thoughts on “… routine

  1. I am the same way with plans. I’ll start making my daily to do list, exercising, setting a house cleaning schedule, and be going full speed ahead and then bam!!!! I hit a brick wall and then I’m back to the same ole same ole….

  2. You could walk around the ice shack if you get bored – tell your husband it attracks the fish 🙂

    • loll, I just did a big walk on the lake and it was great! As you can guess in my next post I am not really fishing…I just brought one fish up but I enjoy being in the unspoiled nature, it’s so peaceful. Husband does all the yiaky work with the worms 🙂

  3. Routines are hard to establish. I have found that if I do not get up in the morning and exercise right away, it’s easy to get distracted or procastinate or just forget. It means waking up early, but I’ve actually come to like that. And to know that I’m done with it for the day is a great feeling, and any other exercise throughout the day is just bonus!

    • I want to try to get up ealier than everybody for that reason but I will first have to learn to put myself to bed earlier loll. I will work on that after my trip when the sun will get up earlier too.

      • That would be a great time to start. And once you’ve developed the habit of getting up early, you’ll be ready for bed earlier, so it’ll all work out! 🙂
        I bet you’re excited about your trip! I can’t wait to hear about it!

      • Yes I am excited, it’s in less than 3 weeks! Being back and all mixed up with the time of day it will be perfect to reset myself to an early morning!

  4. I am the same, really! Actually I need to take some eye drops because I have rather dry eyes and I start taking them and then after a few days I just keep forgetting it and the habit never develops.

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