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Sitting on ice…

I am sitting right in the middle of a frozen lake at this moment. In a tent with a view on shinning snow right up to the other side of the lake where the bush is. It is sunny but the wind is so strong that we almost lost the tent twice. First we pegged it on the two sides where the wind was coming from and suddenly the wind came from the other direction and lifted the tent again so we pegged the other side.


Today I didn’t feel like cold sandwiches so yesterday I made a steak and mushroom gravy mix. It’s kind of a stew and I intended to put it on noodles. It is cold outside so I thought something warm would be nice and when I started to get hungry I brought everything in the tent. Stove, heater, cooler with the food, cuppa soup. Once everything was in there I put the can of gas in the mini-stove and opened the cooler to find out that I left the stew on the bench at home along with the pot. That meant no warm meal ,no cuppa soup, no hot chocolate and no cup of tea. I was so mad at myself, you cannot imagine!  So after I got over it, me and my daughter had cold noodles and strawberries…My daughter drank her cold chocolate milk and I had one packet of those 100 calories chocolate crackers.

After, I went for a walk, it was cold but the sun made everything easier. I did my yoga poses  in snow suit while stopping every now and then.  I was probably the subject of the other Ice-fisher’s conversations, looking like a weirdo over there but I couldn’t care less.

Right now, we already caught 1 big trout and 2 smaller one and we are still going. We don’t know if it’s the spot we are at, the live worms or the mashed sardine that we put in the hole to attract them, but it’s working, so we’ll just have to repeat all these steps next time loll.

A nice family day so far even if I couldn’t manage to bring lunch….

…sorry I had to go look at the other trout that Daughter and Husband caught, it’s even bigger than the big one we already had before! It’s so funny when my daughter reels it up, she jumps like crazy and screams of excitement loll. If you didn’t know what this is about you would think she fell in the hole. Don’t worry, ice fishing holes are just big enough for one of her feet…

Back at home now…    …the trout were delicious!


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4 thoughts on “Sitting on ice…

  1. Wow, being a city child, I seem to have lost out on a lot of interesting experiences. Well, I guess I did the experience of building sites infront of our house instead .It sounds like fun. I hope you will find a way to warm up something. 😉

  2. The activities you all do together seem so fun! And I know it had to have been disappointing to forget your warm foods, but it makes a funny story later, doesn’t it? It’s good to look on the bright side. 🙂 It’s funny to think that right now, some other ice fisherman is probably writing a blog post about this crazy lady doing yoga on the ice pond. lol
    Sounds like a great day, with a yummy finish.

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