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Chocolate for Valentine’s day?

I had such a weird day yesterday. I was very tired and my whole day has just been filled with cravings and of course I tried to stop it with those mini Oreos at 100 calories a packet.  I don’t know if it made it worst but after, I went in the freezer and had 2 tiramisu macarons left from Christmas. They were so good! I did my work out right after with the guilt energy I got from the sweets and gave myself a headache. I still had it this morning so I guess there is a migraine trying to get me but I killed it (for now) with some Advils.


On a happier note, happy Valentine’s day everybody! For me it always meant my mother’s birthday and maybe a special day to tell my husband and daughter that I love them. Really I tell them everyday and even more than once a day so what’s left for today? That romantic evening with a fancy dinner and candles has never been a must for me on that day so maybe a little chocolaty something. My daughter gave her daddy his Valentine card that she made a few weeks ago when we made her grand-mother’s birthday card. He brought it to work with him. He going to work very late tonight for that “special day” because it is what happens when you work in hospitality.

I guess I will look for a little surprise later when I head into town for daughter’s swimming lesson. Maybe I could make valentine’s cupcakes (perfect decorating job for a 4-year-old princess) and some lamingtons for husband. I made them for Australia day and he loves them so I know it would make him happy.

Just out of curiosity,what does Valentine’s day means to you? Do you celebrate it ?


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12 thoughts on “Chocolate for Valentine’s day?

  1. We don’t celebrate too much around here. I will usually leave the kids a little treat, and bake them a little something. Today I made a clementine pound cake. It turned out pretty good. My husband and I have yet to exchange cards, but we will sometime before we go to bed tonight. 🙂
    Hopefully your cravings will go away by tomorrow. There are days where I just want to snack all day. Most times, I’ll pop gum in my mouth to see if that helps. Other times I’ll think “What the heck” and have some of it, then if I feel too bad, like you, I just work out a little bit more. If not, I get back on track the next day. I rarely have cravings two days in a row.
    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Thanks same to you! Well I made cup cakes and had a few but no icing so it was not so bad, had fresh raspberries with them…and a little chocolate 🙂 Shouldn’t have any craving tomorrow lol

  3. Because I proposed to my wife on Valetine’s Day, it has taken on a whole new face for me. I love the chocolates on Valetine’s and the whole atmosphere of roses and sweets, balloons and cards. What a beautiful day it truly is because of what it represents. My wife does not want anything expensive or even bought. If the gift is thoughtful, it touches her more deeply than something bought. She just wants to know that she is thought of and that a little work put into the gift means more to her….it means that she is worth my attention to the little things I do for her which makes them more thoughtful. Last Valentine’s Day I sang her “Earth Angel” while strumming it on the ukulele. To each his own……Thank you for your beautiful comments on my blog………Happy Valentine’s Day…..

  4. Well, being single it doesn’t really mean anything to me. Even when I was still married, we never celebrated it. I guess it is not much of a German holiday anyway. On the craving front I have been doing good recently. Yesterday I realised that there was some habitual thingy going on, where I was satnding in the kitchen thinking…”Mh, what could I have now…!” Then I realised that I had had my snack for the day already and so I made myself some tea instead. Hope you are feeling better now. 😉

  5. My husband and I refuse to celebrate Valentine’s Day, well at least on the day of. Every time we do, it turns out badly. Now my kids were super excited yesterday at school, but that is what is great about being a kid, isn’t it.
    Don’t worry about a day of eating everything in sight, we all have those days, and getting upset about it, won’t help. But you are doing everything right, and tomorrow is a new day.
    Hope your Valentine’s Day was great! 🙂

  6. I guess I’ll be alright for a while now. Valentines day is a holiday with a commercial twist to it but you are right it’s really fun for kids. On my part I might rethink the whole thing and try to be more romantic for my Hubby…next year I guess lol

  7. I usually love V-Day, but I was working so much that we only had lunch with my boss – now that things are lightened up I think I owe my poor long-suffering husband a treat.

  8. Love the blog. It’s ok to have a bit of a sugar binge every once in a while! I’m on a diet but sometimes I just really feel like my body needs it.

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