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I finally re-tried that Island cycling expert course on the Wii fit plus. I did my yoga routine and taught I would give the game another chance and take it slowly.

What happened last time was that after I finished my work-out I decided to try that same course but I was already tired. I went up that big mountain and couldn’t find anymore flags so I gave up and never tried it until today


So I today I started very slowly because I new it would be a long ride. Instead of going up the mountain right away I went for the easy flags at first and finally it didn’t felt that bad. I kept the mountain ascension for the end and  it didn’t seemed as hard as last time. When I got the last flag I thought I did pretty good but then I couldn’t find the way back down and kept coming back a the same spot. I even threw myself off a cliff only to be brought back at the top again. loll. I felt like an idiot and was laughing at myself. Really, who gets lost on the Wii island except me…at least I had a bit of a view…

When I finally found the right trail I got at the finish line to find out that I had been biking for 50 minutes. It was not easy and I was getting tired. It seemed a bit long like 20 minutes maybe but 50 was a huge surprise. I guess the game served it’s purpose of keeping me entertain so I don’t notice that I am exercising for that long. The cherry on the Sunday, a beautiful 169 calories burned. With my yoga routine and other small games I reached 265 calories so I am ok with getting lost.


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12 thoughts on “Expert course

  1. YAY, you rock, you managed to get through with it. I am really proud that you tried it again. And 50 minutes, that’s great. Let’s see with what time I will come up today. My Mom said that there is another free course after the expert course and you would have to collect baloons on that course. I am looking forward to that one, did you do that one already?

    • Thanks! You’re the one who got me going on this one with your post. I knew about the free course but didn’t want to do it, scared it would be boring but if there is balloons it changes everything…Maybe we should have a little competition for the bloggers who have the wii fit plus lol

      • Yeah, let’s do that, I just finished the expert course in 37 minutes and I was drenched because this time I tried to do as you did, move faster. It was great. I only burnt some 300 something calories after an entire workout time of 54 minutes, but I was really exhausted after the course. 😉 I think I might stick wirh that course, it’s fun.

      • Ok 37 minutes…I will try to beat that tonight lol A little competition is kinda fun 🙂

  2. I have gotten lost on the Wii Fit bike course before and have given up. It has been a while since I have done that game. Probably because I remember getting lost on the bike course. Maybe it is time for me to try it again too. 🙂

  3. eFitnessPal on said:

    Yes, 50 minutes when it felt like 20 minutes – that’s the best exercise. So jealous 🙂

  4. I love when exercise doesn’t really seem like exercise. Good for you for keeping it fun! It helps to have a little competition out there as well… 😉

  5. It all sounds like so much fun! I’ll have to try it! I am already giving my husband some hints about getting the WII Fit! Go you! You are doing great! 🙂

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