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It’s time for a reward !!!

Well I didn’t say anything before because my weight tend to be up or down from one day to another but since I have been at about the same weight for 3 days I can now announce …

…It is now official I have reached my mini-goal of 25 pounds lost! I am very happy and it comes at a good time because I need something positive to help me with all the cravings I get lately. I can now change my button on my blog and get my reward. It will be a haircut for me and my daughter! She deserves it as well because she is putting up with me working-out for about an hour on the Wii, not everyday but often. It is fun to celebrate with someone you love as well.

She doesn’t really understand all that because I try not says too much about loosing weight in front of her. I don’t want her to know that I don’t like my body because I want her to have a good image of herself. I always tell her I have to exercise so that I don’t have a sore back and headaches so often, to get stronger and feel better. But never say it’s to lose weight.

So I am off to the pool soon for my daughter’s lesson. I always go earlier because at some stage she got a little scared and didn’t want to go anymore. Now she can associate the class with all the fun we have together before the course and after as well. She improved so much since we started to do that. It’s great quality time for the both of us. We bought a small pool for this summer ( one you can install yourself) so I will keep practicing with her.

Have a great day everyone!


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26 thoughts on “It’s time for a reward !!!

  1. Thats really great! Way to go!

    I like how you are teaching your daughter about health and not weight loss. I hope to be the same way when we have kids. I think a lot about how I want to treat food with my kids, because I feel like a lot of food issues stems from that way that food was treated when I was a kid. Like never being aloud to have ice cream but my mom eating it in front of us.

  2. Woohoo! Congratulations! I’ve been wondering how you’re doing because you haven’t mentioned anything recently – and now I know why! Excellent!
    I’m impressed by how your handling your weight loss with your daughter. You’re right to focus on exercise and eating healthy and how that makes you feel good. You are setting her on her way to leading a healthy life, and hopefully she won’t have to fight the battle you (and I) have had to fight. Well done, Mom, in more ways than one!!

    • Thanks shadow! She’s got my overweight genetic and my husband’s as well so it’s what made me wake up, I tought if I didn’t do something about it she would end up just like me. Hopefully she won’t have to fight through that but if she has too I will know how to help her like you did with your son!

  3. Well done! You definitely deserve that rewards – go and enjoy!

  4. Fantastic – what a great model you are providing for your daughter!

  5. congrats on 25!

  6. Congrats on reaching your goal!!! And on teaching your child to love herself and be healthy. What a great role model.

  7. So great!! I am so happy for you. Progress keeps us motivated and we get to change the picture. 😉
    And a haircut on top of it. Great!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Congrats! Love people who have a reward system. I really need to think about that.

  9. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Congratulations!!! Good for you!!! What an accomplishment!!! That is definitely something that will help you when you feel like you are about to “give in to temptation” I am so happy for you!!! You are an inspiration!!!!

  10. So proud! That’s awesome Julie!!!

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