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Up for a challenge maybe?

So after reading Janet’s comment I once more got the push I needed to get myself going. She did the expert course on the Wii Fit Plus Island cycling in 37 minutes. It made me think “oh I have to try to beat that” so tonight I started the expert course and really tried to go fast. I was fast but as usual ready to risk my life for a short cut. So I felt off different cliffs about 5 times and once in a river.

I have to say that sometimes the road to take is kind of hidden which makes me think there is a road where there isn’t. I learned that when you kill yourself you always go back at the last flag and sometimes it can be far. So I didn’t beat Janet’s time according to my Fitbit who said that I did it in 40 minutes. The Wii couldn’t tell me the real time I think because it added it to the yoga time, or maybe I was too busy to catch my breath to look properly and was just pressing “A” repeatedly.

My fit bit also told me that I burned 200 calories for biking and the Wii told me only 149. Since I was more tired than yesterday for the same exercise I trusted the Fitbit.

Now I am definitely not done with this challenge because even if I didn’t know before I kind of like a friendly competition! loll So for the ones that are reading that and have the Wii Fit Plus, feel free to join us, it could be more fun! Janet you are still the champion…for nowWinking smile

Here is my new Wii fit plus, expert course challenge page. Have a look to it, it’s only a try to help with motivation and make exercise more fun.

Have a great week-end!


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5 thoughts on “Up for a challenge maybe?

  1. I am really happy to add to your motivation. I didn’t get to workout yesterday since I was on assignment for the Red Cross at a Cranival event after work. But I will make sure to try and better myself today, though I am not sure I can do it much faster. I dropped off a cliff once and also fell into a river once, so I might be able to do only a few minutes better. We’ll see. I am in on the competition, this also motivates me, thank you. 😉

  2. Nothing like a little competition to make exercising fun! 😉 As far as the calorie burning numbers – they give you an idea of how many you’re burning, but I think you can use your heart rate and out of breath-ness, to know if you’re burning a lot of calories. Remember too, that if you’re getting your heart rate up throughout your workouts, especially after a brief rest, you will continue to burn calories up to an hour afterwards. And those wouldn’t necessarily be measured by your fitbit or wii. 🙂 Gotta love that! Anyway, your posts have been so fun to follow. I’m incredibly proud and inspired. Can’t wait to see what’s around the corner for you!

  3. Thanks shadow! I guess that I am missing another gadjet now, a heart rate tracker or whatever it’s called lol. You do need the competition on the expert course because it is sooooooo long and biking on the island beach is an absolute killer for me, after that the rest isn’t so bad 🙂 I just have to stop getting lost lol

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