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Real walking

Today it is just like a spring day. It is 0 degrees Celsius outside and the sun is slowly melting the snow. I headed to the park where there is a cleared paved track. I brought a snack for my princess and a stroller because yesterday we did a lap (0.7 mile/1.13 km) and she was too tired to do another lap. I would have kept walking but we went home instead.

How to make a 4-year-old walking? You jump over the cracks, count the puddles, get chased by pretend monsters, get lost and let her pick the good road etc. All that only works one time for one lap. Today with the stroller we did 3 laps which is about 2 miles/3.22 km. She walked and ran for a while and she sat in her stroller and ate her snack. Pushing  a 45 pounds charge up a few small hills gave me an extra work-out and running down the same hills made my princess go  ”WOOHOO!!!”  so it was all fun! The plus is that I have burned 300 calories being happy Smile

For once walking and actually going forwards for true was a good change from the Wii balance board. The fresh air and the sun was so energizing. Just like shadowrun300 says now I feel like I really deserve to sit in my chair with the computer on my lap with a delicious hot latte to sip.


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16 thoughts on “Real walking

  1. That does sound like a lovely outing, rushing down a hill sometimes makes me want to yell “woo hoo!” and I’m supposed to be much more grown up than your princess. 🙂

  2. It’s yet to cold over here but I might get to walk a lot tomorrow since I am going for another Red Cross carnival event and might have to walk a lot to follow the procession. I hope you enjoy your weekend.

  3. That is so great! I do have nice weather here but also with my 3 yr. old I can’t really do much outside walking, she is really good and actually RUNS 1 whole mile but then that’s it… she is exhausted… I only have a single stroller so I use it for the 1 yr. old… and I don’t want to spend on a double stroller when the old one is already 3 so… I don’t know… I can get some walking outside when hubby watches them so the treadmill is really my easy option, walking outside does make a difference though! I am so happy you enjoyed it! sounds like a lot of fun!

    • Yeah double stroller can be expensive and you are right it would only be used on occasion probably. As long as you get your exercise you can also go outside at a different time just to play or relaxe and still get the fresh air 🙂

  4. I remember trying to drag my youngest out on walks. He always wanted to stop at the slide and never want to move, and as a paranoid parent today, I never felt safe going across the park from him. So he was not a good help for walking. My oldest however lives life in fast motion, and other than when playing a game or Ipad needs constant stimulation. So I fully understand. That is why my journey has been mostly with the treadmill option. But I do think if it gets warmer, bikes, scooters and the park may be in the future.

  5. I totally remember the days of pushing a stroller while walking. It makes a huge difference! 🙂 That’s a good way to vary your workout too. Sounds like you were able to get your heart rate up a bit at times, which is important!! And have I mentioned what a great mom I think you are? 😉 Keep it up! I love hearing your experiences. Thanks, too, for the link!! (I earned the couch today as well. But I worked a busy shift at my hotel for it… lol)

  6. Michela on said:

    Great Job, and once that’s part of the routine in your life with your princess you will l love it even more . I’m so proud of you !! You are amazing and I’m truley blessed to be able to watch your journey and be in your life!!

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