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R.I.P. Fitbit

Today the 3 of us decided to go at the pool in the afternoon since it was to hot too go ice fishing and not sunny enough to go outside. We had a wonderful time playing with our daughter but it was a bit crowded because it is always free on Sundays.

So before we headed there I ask my husband to remind me to take my fitbit off before we gat in the water. (if you don’t know what it is go on Usually I always think of it because I have to change but today I already had my swimsuit on and no he didn’t remind me. He is pretty good at those things usually compare to me but not today. So I went swimming with the fitbit on and never realised it until after when we were changing and the swimsuits were all in the plastic bag. I picked it up and was VERY angry with myself. Then husband pushed the button and it was still working!?!? It gave me a bit of hope and my husband said maybe it will be alright otherwise you can order another one. But it cost 100$ I said so he said but you like it don’t you?

So I stopped thinking about it and we went for dinner at a steak house because we were all starving. That is one thing that went well. I found out they have grilled vegetable skewer on the menu so I took that with a filet mignon and a side of mushroom caps. I asked the waitress that I didn’t want any oil or butter on there and it came just as I asked. I had an raspberry herbal tea with that.  I was happy because everything was delicious and could eat as much as I wanted knowing that it was just like if I was home (except for the clean up). It is really the first time since I have started my journey that I could make proper choice at a restaurant and didn’t cheat or anything like that.

Yes I liked my fitbit…back at home I found out that the poor little thing didn’t make it…I was very sad and coped with 1/2 cup of cappuccino ice cream…I am still under goal for now and have got plenty to spare. I have ordered another Fitbit and also one for my husband. I don’t know if it will help him to step into a healthier way of life but it’s worth the try and I know he will like all the statistic about himself …

I got the gadget especially for my trip and now I hope it will be here before we leave…


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15 thoughts on “R.I.P. Fitbit

  1. Oops, poor fitbit!
    My pedometer broke yesterday, and I rushed straight out and bought another one. It’s funny how quickly we start relying on our little gadgets.

  2. It’s incredibly sad to break or lose something you love. I know what it’s like to get attached to an electronic gadget – especially one that keeps you motivated to get healthy. I accidentally broke my IPod by running with it on a cold day. I kept blowing my warm breath into my hands not realizing I was creating steam and moisture on my IPod. Once I turned it off, I never was able to turn it back on. I was devestated. It was right after Christmas, and my husband presented me with a present that he said he accidentally hid in the closet and forgot about. I opened it up… and it was a new IPod! I rank that up with one of the sweetest things he has ever done for me.
    So yes! Get yourself a new fitbit! And I hope it arrives in time for your trip. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!

    • Thanks shadow…Yep we get to be attach and need those kind of gadget 🙂 It’s ordered and I clicked the fast chipping but since I am not in the us I don’t know if it will be taken in to consideration 🙂

  3. I’m really torn on the FitBit/BodyBugg systems… Hubby & I have been discussing possibly getting them for ourselves – but we don’t know which brand to go with! Plus, there’s MediaFit out there, too… *ponders*

    • I don’t know about the media fit, but I think body bug is more expensive and more accurate for calorie but you have to pay a subscription. Fitbit the subscription is free but you can update at premium. Let me know which one you pick 🙂

  4. Don’t feel bad. I think my husband’s fit bit that I got him for Valentine’s Day (romantic, huh) died this weekend cause of his sweating on the treadmill. We are trying to get it replaced under warranty. I really love all the stats on it, and I think that he does, too but it will see if they will replace it. Though he will probably have to replace where he wears it during his treadmill workouts

    • I have read on the fitbit forum that someone bought a case for it and took it in a pool aerobic class, I will have to look into that because if it dies from sweat as well now it is getting bad lol I guess it should be covered since you are supposed to be able to wear on your skin. Good luck with that 🙂

  5. Angie Bullock on said:

    I’m a total gadget junkie myself so I totally understand. I had never heard of Fitbit, but I checked it out and I put one on my wish list. 🙂

  6. So sorry! But now you get one of the new ones with improved stats. 🙂

    I live in fear that I will leave mine attached to a pair of pants that I throw into the washing machine. I’m somewhat compulsive about having it on at all times, though, and I’m lazy about getting laundry done, so hope those two habits will keep it safe.

    • lol yeah I thought it would happen to me that way but I found another way to kill it. I already had the ultra but now I have ordered the pink one and hubby will get the blue instead. I will try to make it last longuer than a month.:-)

  7. oh no! It is really upsetting when something like that happens 😦 and now… I want a fitbit! How come I hadn’t heard of that? I’m glad you’ll be getting another one and happy you enjoyed your dinner out!!! 🙂

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