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Being chased by a pizza?!?

Our society is at a sad point where customers get harassed by companies instead of being respected and viewed as good clients. Telemarketers keep calling, flyers fill your mail box and your junk mail is always full of stuff that you are scared of looking at.

The other day it when further than I thought it would ever go. The phone rang and as I do often because I am busy or I don’t feel like answering , I let the machine get it for me. When I listened to it, my jaw it the floor as I asked myself if I really heard what I just heard. It was Panago( pizza place) who was telling me that I didn’t order pizza for a long time. I thought to myself : I perfectly know that I haven’t been ordering pizza because I am not senile yet and actually meant it because I did NOT want pizza!!!!!! So he offered me 5$ discount on the next purchase and I thought: You know going towards a healthier life is worth way more than that and I am so happy that I have stopped calling you, thanks for reminding me that I have been so good with my new healthy habits!

Should I call the pizza place to tell them everything that I was thinking while listening to that message? I used to work as a chef and calling customers so they come and eat would have meant to me that I was making sure they would never come back again. I can’t believe they do that to their customers? I just don’t understand that kind of thinking…


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14 thoughts on “Being chased by a pizza?!?

  1. Angie Bullock on said:

    Wow!! Could business really be that bad at a pizza place!? LOL!

    And good for you!! 🙂

  2. Wow, I never got that type of call–wonder if I would have handled it the same?
    Bravo to you!

  3. I worked at Staples for a few year and I was passed up for a department lead because I wouldnt call up customers that hadnt ordered lately. I just think its wrong to pressure people for business.

  4. I would have liked to have been in that pitch meeting – they sure read that wrong.

  5. I’m not sure whether I should laugh, or sit dumbfounded. 🙂 I have never heard of that happening before! I get annoyed with all the mail I get from the tv service and movie service that I’ve recently canceled saying they miss me and wish I would come back. If my local pizza place called, I think I would be like you and not want to order from them anymore even if I DID want pizza.
    But on the positive side…. you’re not ordering pizza anymore!! Woohoo!! And hooray for answering machines! I never answer my landline. If it’s somebody I want to talk with, they have my cell phone number. lol

    • Yeah isn’t it crazy how things are in our days?(what I wrote just made me feel old lol) I don’t have caller ID and nobody has my cell phone except for hubby,it’s more an emergency phone, but I still let the answering machine take the call often lol

  6. You are definitely doing great! I don’t know why companies would do that! Desperation perhaps??

  7. The same thing happened to a girl I work with, except she stopped ordering there because she doesn’t like it – she is a toothpick, the lucky bum. good for you and self control!

  8. It’s the worst! Every day at uni my post box gets filled with yummy looking leaflets and offers for buy one get one free etc. It’s like torture! I even get text messages!

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