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Expert course Wii Island cycling

I did it in 23 min. but I think that’s is the least time I can do! I still have to do the steps with daughter  even if my leg are shaking lol

Here are the photos…






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12 thoughts on “Expert course Wii Island cycling

  1. Wow, you really rock. I am not sure I will be able to beat you. I will only do a light workout today since I really need a break, so it will mostly be easy stuff today, unless I suddenly feel inspired again once I started. 😉

  2. 23 minutes! I feel the competition growing to a new level! In response to Janet, and also to you not always feeling like working out… if on days you do not feel like working as hard or AT ALL, promise yourself 10 minutes. Most times, if you do 10 minutes, you’ll feel like Janet mentioned “inspired again”, and will continue the workout. But you trick your mind into thinking “all I have to do is 10 minutes”. It’s a trick I use often, and it usually works – and if not, at least you got 10 minutes of exercise in! 😉

  3. I do miss all the tracking in my Wii – I like you mii 🙂

  4. Your mii – your avatar. I am commenting before I have drank all my coffee again.

  5. That is awesome!I just find it that it’s very little amount of calories! 😦 for the distance! WOW! I walk/run about 7 kilometers in an hour and it’s about 723 calories .. I wonder why!? I know that since I am heavier I burn more calories but… that much? It can’t be! I am sure you are burning more than it says! it’s weird! You are doing SOOO AWESOME! or am I understanding the numbers wrong? I don’t have a Wii so maybe I am not understanding the distance… 12 kilometers? is that right? WOW! you must be running really fast! I hope I get there soon! you go friend!!!!!! 😀

    • I don’t think they are real km, they are wii km and I am walking on a board to make the bike go forward. Yes for the amount of sweat I had I think I deserved more calories but the km are definitly not real. lol But it is so motivating to have this game and try to beat a friend’s time 🙂

      • That is sooo cool! Whether it is wi km or real km sounds like you are doing great! I am telling hubby I NEED the WII Fit!!!! Let’s see what he comes up with first… the Wii fit or the fit bit! LOL!

      • lol anyone would be great. I had the wii fit for about 3 years and we used it a lot so far. Good for exercise and for other game as well. I am a big fan of mario bros and it’s also why we got it at first.

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